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The Phantom Futa bound and face-fucked – Art by Sabu

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The Phantom Futa groaned as her mind dragged itself out of unconsciousness. She tried to raise her head but could only sway it unsteadily from side to side. Another throaty groan issued from her lips, the sound oddly muffled. As her mind clears, the young heroine realizes that a fat ballgag has been shoved into her mouth. While she was unconscious a thin stream of drool had trickled through the holes in the gag, leaving her ample breasts in a coat of shiny saliva.

Gradually, she becomes more aware of her surroundings. She is in a sterile white room under the harsh glare of the florescent lights overhead. Her head starts pounding. She tries to massage her brow but her arm barely twitches at her brain’s commands. Her entire body feels numb and impossibly heavy. Even lifting her head is exhausting. None of her muscles respond like they should, their usual strength sapped away.

Not only does she feel absolutely feeble, she is bound to a sturdy metal frame. Tight straps of some kind of elastic material criss-cross her body. Her arms are locked firmly behind her body and her legs are spread wide, leaving her groin exposed. She feels a slight pressure around the shaft of her cock and dimly notices the thick organ is locked inside a padded ring mounted on a mechanical arm of some sort.

Out the corner of her eye, she spots a flash of light. A holographic display pops up beside her and a video begins to play. Struggling to focus her eyes, she dimly realizes that it is footage of her. She is leaning on her lower back, legs splayed apart and bobbing in the air as she pleasures herself shamelessly. As the Phantom Futa watches her past-self masturbating furiously, she feels her own arousal start to burn.

As her cock hardens in its restraint the mechanical arm whirs into motion. The arm starts to piston back and forth along the engorged member and the smooth interior glides over the sides of her shaft. She gives a throaty moan as she feels the ring trace every vein of her shaft and come to a stop just below the wide head of her cock, teasing her sensitive glans.

The pleasure starts to cut through her hazy mind and some of her strength begins to return to her. She flexes experimentally and strains her muscles against the straps holding her down. Although the bands stretch, they do not break and she is unable to get free.

Suddenly, a section of the wall hisses and splits open along an invisible seam, revealing a concealed door. Someone steps through the newly-made entrance. Though her vision is blurred from her long period of unconsciousness, the Phantom Futa can see the figure is a male. While she cannot make out the man’s facial features, she can clearly make out the shape of his prominent erection.

He steps up to the bound superhero and pulls the ballgag free. Before she can say a word, he shoves his cock into the mouth. He plunges deep past her gums and pokes at the back of her throat. She gags and instinctively tries to pull away to dislodge the man’s hardened cock. The man simply grabs her head with both hands and forcefully yanks her closer.

His cockhead pops into the very back of her mouth as he forces her to deep-throat him. Her frantic protests are reduced to nonsensical mumbles that make her throat muscles ripple around his dick. The man grunts in approval and continues to buck his hips, slamming into the Phantom Futa’s throat over and over. All the while, the ring around the Phantom’s own cock continues to jerk her off with steady tugs and pulls.

The noisy slapping of the man’s balls against the Phantom Futa’s chin fades as his sack tightens in imminent orgasm. With a triumphant grunt, he drives his cock home and then swiftly pulls out. His cock spasms and splatters the superheroine’s lips with a heavy load of cum. It spills forth from between her lips and trickles onto her breast, tickling her bared nipple as the goo dribbled over down the soft mound.

Satisfied the man steps away, pressing his cock against the Phantom Futa’s cheek and leaving a smear of cum in farewell. He leaves through the same door he entered and it closes behind him with another hiss. The superheroine feels her powers returning to her and prepares to escape, readying her muscles to tear free of her bondage. Just as she is about to make her move, the ring clamped about her cock hum loudly as a built-in vibrator switches on. The wild buzzing pushes the trapped girl over the edge. Her body tenses in its bonds and she cums hard, sending a jet of sticky cum flying across the room. Her cock wilts and her powers fade again, dissipating in the aftermath of her orgasm.

Before she can regain her senses, the concealed door hisses open and a different man steps inside. Just as the first man did, he strides over to the Phantom Futa and begins to pump his erect cock into her mouth while the ring around her shaft comes to life again

– Rexxon


“Holy shitballs”

That’s what came to mind when I first saw Sabu’s final version of this image. I was absolutely blown away to the point where if I was drinking something I would have spit it out in amazement. And that was before I saw the full size 2000+ pixel version – I just got a nose bleed an passed out when I saw that.

If you’ve been reading this blog or MPL Toons for a while now you know how much I love Sabu’s art and especially his Sex Arcade series. When Rexxon told me he was open for commissions I knew right away I wanted the Phantom Futa to be apart of that series. Clearly that was the right decision!

You HAVE TO click on the HD image link above and check out the detail Sabu put into the Phantom Futa’s costume. He gave it that cool hexagon texture thingy that the new Spider-Man and Superman costumes have. I don’t know how he did it but it looks stunning…just like everything else in this piece.

This right here is way Sabu is one of my all time favorite hentai artists EVER.

– Futa Fan

Sabu ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt

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    • FutAfaN:

      looks hot. but preferably if instead of a guy, there would be another futa with her pussy showing. would be perfect.

    • Phantomlover:

      She is perfect and I need to sux her till she squirts and keep going all night I really want to flesh light her too

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