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The Phantom Futa in “Furry Fiasco” by Ninja Kitty

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The Phantom Futa in “Furry Fiasco”

The mischievous kitsune spirit known as Fu Fu is up to her old tricks again!

She teleports into Freedom City and interrupts the Phantom Futa’s nightly patrol, eager to have fun with her favorite playmate! This time she decides to use her reality-warping magic to get the Phantom Futa in touch with her animal side. With a snap of Fu Fu’s fingers and a flash of light, the Phantom Futa is enveloped in a writhing tangle of arcane energies that trigger a strange transformation.

The Phantom Futa’s costume is burned away by the intense power of Fu Fu’s magic, stripping her body bare. Her teeth grow sharp points, her ears become soft triangles, blue fur spreads over her skin, and a long tail sprouts from the small of her back. She emerges from the spell and is shocked to discover that she has been changed into a human-feline hybrid. But the heroine has little time to adapt to her new form.

Fu Fu reveals that the only way to undo the magic is to find her hiding spot somewhere in Freedom City before the sun rises or else the Phantom Futa will remain trapped this way forever! With that parting comment Fu Fu runs off to parts unknown.

The Phantom Futa gives chase and finds that her vision, hearing and sense of smell have all been greatly augmented by her transformation. Her reflexes and balance are equally enhanced by her feline half.

However her new body also presents new problems as it has put her in a state of heat. Hormones and endorphins flood her veins. Every nerve tingles with pleasure. Her cock twitches and her ballsack is tight, ready to burst in an instant. And if she orgasms, she will temporarily lose her powers, without which catching up to Fu Fu will be impossible. Even worse, the Phantom Futa soon realizes that not only has Fu Fu’s spell altered her body, it has also affected her mind. Her thinking becomes clouded as her desire to mate threatens to overwhelm her. Her arousal burns in her chest as her feral instincts scream at her to fuck, to be fucked, to surrender all conscious thoughts and spend the rest of her days rutting mindlessly!

So horny that a stiff breeze could make her cum, the Phantom Futa must somehow find the strength to restrain herself until she can return to normal or lose herself to her animal side forever!

Many thanks to all the people who gave input and ideas for the furry version of the Phantom Futa!

If you like this version of the Phantom Futa, or if you have a creative idea for a different form of our favorite futanari superheroine, please comment as such below.

– Rexxon

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    7 Responses to “The Phantom Futa in “Furry Fiasco” by Ninja Kitty”

    • Kashk:

      I love that she is a cheetah, that’s my fav animal :D.

    • bender bending rodriguez:

      well now not even cheetara can match this gorgeous cat.
      well played ninja kitty, well played

    • Nanashi:

      I know it might be cliched` but what if the Phantom Futa switched bodies with on of her foes? Or even one of he alies? SHe would have to adapt to new powers, and more than likely have to satisfy her new bodies “urges”.

    • speid007:

      well I’m a fan of furry art and this is by far my favourite

    • Mordymion:

      I love it, i just wich her cock was also animalistic.

    • rexxon:

      @Nanashi a potentially interesting idea for a story. Not sure how it would do as a picture though. It would basically look the same as PF having sex with a villain or ally “normally” anyway, if you see what I mean.

      @Mordymion you mean like a cat’s penis, with the spines and all? If people are interested in seeing the Phantom Feline again, we’d of course consider doing something like that.

    • bender bending rodriguez:

      @rex… as for nanashis idea the first thing that poped into mind was Pf “raping” the villan however it is merely the villan utilizing PFs stronger physic to rape her own body which Pf is currently inside… If u can follow my train of thought it could actually be quite a treat… PF being raped by “herself”
      i suppose one would draw their bodies normally but draw a shilloette or a semi translucent projection of sorts behind the bodies representing the switch in minds.
      PFs “mind” & the villans body having a pained or ahego look from being raped. And the villans “mind” and Pfs body having a look of victory or wuddever.

      sorry im so… well disconnected can be one word to use… but im just not very good at transcribing my thoughts into words :/

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