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The Phantom Futa in “Introducing Toi Boi” – Art by barraQda

The Phantom Futa in "Introducing Toi Boi" - Art by barraQda

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Toi Boi created and owned by IHeartBlank
Bio by Rexxon and IHeartBlank
Art by barraQda

Name: Toi Boi
Secret Identity: Jacqueline “Jackie” Tremaine
Appearance: 5’7”, 100 lbs, thin lean build, white hair (natural blonde), milk-white skin, green eyes

Born to an amazingly stereotypical upper middle-class white family in the suburbs, Jacqueline was anything but stereotypical. Although her mother was delighted to have a little girl to dress up and treat like a princess, Jacqueline never felt comfortable with frilly dresses and dress-up dolls.

It only got worse as puberty hit when she realized that her sexuality was much more complicated than the straight-laced young lady that her parents had raised her to be. She was socially awkward and uncomfortable when hanging out with the boys – and girls – that she found herself drawn to, so Jacqueline’s only friends were her childhood toys.

Her confusion and outsider status lasted through college, where she managed to stay sane by diving into, and excelling at, engineering. But when she graduated and moved to Freedom City, a revelation awaited.

While waiting in line for a bank teller, she witnessed the Phantom Futa foiling a robbery, and Jacqueline saw firsthand how effortlessly the city’s defender flaunted her sexuality, proudly displaying her feminine form and paradoxically her hard throbbing cock.

Something snapped.

Instead of admiration, Jacqueline felt resentment boiling up that the heroine was celebrated while she had never found a way to express herself. Vowing on that day to take what she wanted from life, Jacqueline – or Jackie, as she chose as her “new” name – would cut her inhibitions loose. Chopping her hair short and aggressively going after the girls that she used to only admire from afar, her new persona became startlingly dominant in relationships.

Eventually, Jackie decided that she needed to put the Phantom Futa in her place. She had come to believe that the Phantom Futa was specifically belittling girls like her by arrogantly flaunting her natural physique. Inspired by her inanimate childhood friends, Jackie fashioned her villainous identity as Toi Boi, a flamboyant, sexual criminal mastermind who used all sorts of toys to wreak havoc on the city, all with the goal of bringing the Phantom Futa to her knees and having the Futa’s mouth suck on twelve inches of silicone cock.

As Toi Boi, Jackie quickly established herself as one of, if not the most, threatening of all the Phantom Futa’s rogues. Whereas other rogues have superhuman powers or vast criminal empires, Toi Boi is a danger all on her own, somehow able to pull off crimes of incredible complexity singlehandedly.

Although her thin frame makes her look like a pushover, Toi Boi is a wily physical combatant. Surprisingly strong despite her size, Toi Boi can easily catch an opponent off-guard. She does not have any formal combat training but is extremely agile and able to dodge blows with almost inhuman speed and attack just as quickly.

Toi Boi is all the more potent because she is never without some kind of weapon, usually of her own invention. Toi Boi’s engineering skills are unparalleled, enabling her to turn common machines and devices into weapons.

But perhaps most dangerous of all is Toi Boi’s ability to devise elaborate schemes to lure victims into vulnerable positions before springing her traps.

Toi Boi’s arsenal of deadly and erotic weapons is constantly expanding as she devises ever more innovative ways to simultaneously deliver pain and pleasure upon her nemesis. To keep the Phantom Futa off-guard, Toi Boi almost always has a new weapon with each new appearance. She does however carry a few of her favorite toys at all times.

Toi Boi’s signature weapon is a custom-made jumbo-sized strap-on. The shaft of the strap-on contains a miniaturized high-pressure pump that can spray various chemicals, ranging from powerful sedatives to sprays of acid. Each of these chemical payloads is stored within disposable capsules that can swapped quickly in and out of the strap-on, making it impossible to guess what will come out until it is too late.

Another of Toi Boi’s weapons is the Vibrator Gun. Toi Boi managed to supercharge a vibrator dildo until it vibrates so fast, that it actually emits a powerful sonic pulse. By adjusting the frequency of the vibrator, the gun can serve multiple functions, including creating a small sonic boom to send enemies flying, an ultrasonic tone that knocks people unconscious, or a focused beam of sound that can shatter concrete into a fine powder. Of course the vibrator can also be used simply as a sex toy, though at its speeds only metahumans like the Phantom Futa are durable enough survive being penetrated by it.

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