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The Phantom Futa in “Jacked In/Jacked Off” by IHeartBlank

The Phantom Futa in "Jacked In/Jacked Off" by IHeartBlank

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“When a spate of white-collar thefts drain the bank accounts of prominent city citizens, the Phantom Futa’s investigations uncover a connection with a sensational and addictive new immersive online game. Determined to follow the money trail, the Phantom Futa logs into the game world only to come face-to-virtual-face with Viri1ity!”

The inspiration for this particular villain was really the name. It popped into my head, and it made me think of spam and all the ways the Internet tries to entice with sex. To learn more, check out the Futa Forum for background on Viri1ity and other Phantom Futa villains!

– IHeartBlank

For those of you that haven’t been reading the forum you are missing out on all the villains that IHeartBlank and Rexxon have been coming up with. Most of these characters, like the lovely┬áViri1ity featured above, will become canon in the Phantom Futa universe so feel free to contribute your own ideas too!

Click here to see other Phantom Futa villians by IHeartBlank at The Futa Forum

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