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The Phantom Futa in “Ménage à Quatre of Doom”

The Phantom Futa in "Ménage à Quatre of Doom" by StickyMon

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The Phantom Futa in Ménage à Quatre of Doom

San Pi created and owned by IHeartBlank
Bio by Rexxon and IHeartBlank
Art by StickyMon

Name: San Pi
Secret Identity: Christina Quo
Aliases: None
Appearance: Asian features, Chinese descent; sleek body with modest hourglass curves; dark shoulder length hair; wears a high-tech visor concealing eyes and upper face; thin nose and full lips; confirmed futanari but keeps cock tucked away behind a buttoned flap on her costume

The lethal assassin and master thief known as San Pi began life as Christina Quo, daughter of wealthy Hong Kong banker Zhun Quo. Her father was extremely embarrassed that his firstborn child was a futanari, something he saw as a deformity to be ashamed of.

Hiding his daughter’s nature, Zhun constantly provided Christina with vast sums of money to keep her happy and out of the public eye. Leaving Christina in the care of her tutors and nannies, Zhun threw himself into his work, rarely ever seeing his daughter so as to avoid being reminded of her shameful nature as a futanari. He also discretely searched for someone he could marry her off to so he could have a son-in-law to be his proper heir. He even offered a significant dowry to any potential husband in return for their silence regarding Christina’s “condition”.

Meanwhile, having access to her father’s near-bottomless wealth since childhood, Christina grew into a spoiled brat. As her sense of entitlement grew, Christina would refuse to accept anything but the best for herself and from herself. Her desire for perfection led to her developing an intense competitive streak. She proved incredibly athletic even from a young age, excelling particularly in gymnastics and also grew to love extreme sports. She even received training in the use of firearms, soon becoming a deadly shot. Her competitive nature and love of guns frightened away any man her father tried to match her with. Bored with the endless parade of suitors, Christina dreamed of one day fleeing the city but knew that doing so would mean leaving the life of luxury she had grown accustomed to.

Finally, her father’s patience wore out and he ordered her to marry the son of a powerful CEO. If she refused, Zhun threatened to disown her, cut her off from any funds and use his influence to ensure that she would not even be able to find employment in Hong Kong or indeed anywhere in China.

Seeing no alternative, Christina despondently agreed. On the eve of her wedding, she decided to make one final act of rebellion. After carefully eluding her father’s guards, she snuck into the less-reputable parts of Hong Kong on a bar-hopping spree. In one such bar, she ran into a rather dashing man named Alexander Steed.

Alexander was charmed by the beautiful young woman and offered her a drink as well as a dance. Equally charmed by Alexander, Christina accepted and the two soon struck up a friendship. Somehow certain that she could trust this stranger, Christina began telling Alexander about her father, her impending marriage, and her desire to escape. In a show of mutual trust, Alexander revealed that he was a mercenary for hire, traveling the world doing dirty jobs ranging from smuggling to stealing precious artifacts. Empathizing with the girl, Alexander invited her to join him when he left Hong Kong that night.

Although reluctant to part with her pampered life, the chance to escape her arranged marriage was too good to ignore. Christina accepted and the two stole away from the city immediately on a fishing boat bound for the Philippines.

Christina and Alexander then set off and began traveling the world together, eventually becoming partners in crime. Having trained in a variety of combat styles from around the world, Alexander taught Christina in all manner of martial arts, the use of swords, heavy weapons, explosives as well as infiltration and theft. Much to Christina’s delight, the mercenary work Alexander did paid quite handsomely and she was able to retain her expensive lifestyle. At the same time, Christina mellowed out somewhat as her attraction to Alexander deepened, losing some of her spoiled side in the process. The two soon became lovers and had many adventures across the globe.

Almost a year after they left Hong Kong together, Christina and Alexander found cause to return. A mystery client hired them to steal an artifact from a private art collection that would briefly be on loan to a museum and vulnerable for a short period of time.

The artifact in question was called the Scroll of the Nameless Warrior. The legends surrounding the scroll claimed that so long as a warrior possessed the scroll he need never fear fighting alone.

The duo managed to breach the museum’s security and get into the vaults where the scroll was being held prior to the exhibition. Christina had just grabbed the scroll when suddenly armed men stormed into the vault room and held them at gunpoint. The crowd of thugs parted and revealed their client who had apparently betrayed them.

It turned out that their mystery client was a corrupt government official who had hired Alexander in the past. The official wanted Alexander to help run a sex slave ring but Alexander refused. Instead, he released the sex slaves to the care of the authorities and also provided evidence implicating the corrupt official.

The official had only just recently beaten the charges and though he avoided jail time, his political career was left in shambles and he lost any hope for advancement. He then devised the entire ruse with stealing the scroll to lure Alexander into the open so he could have the pleasure of ending his life personally. But after seeing Alexander was in love with Christina, the official decided to make Alexander suffer by killing her first.

The official raised his gun and fired at Christina when Alexander dove in front of her and took the bullets while also returning fire with his own weapon. The official took a bullet to his femoral artery and retreated to stop the bleeding, leaving his men to finish the job. Alexander on the other hand had been shot in the chest and was dying. Christina pulled Alexander back into the vault and took cover there as she desperately attempted to staunch the bleeding.

Knowing that he was already as good as dead, Alexander begged Christina to escape and to leave him behind. Christina tearfully refused but Alexander used his last breaths to make her promise him to keep on living for his sake.

Heartbroken at her lover’s death, Christina struggled to find a way to escape alive. Remembering the legends about the Scroll, and how a warrior wielding it would never fear fighting alone, Christina read the inscription and triggered its powers.

In a flash of light two identical duplicates of Christina were created. Now split into three individuals, each with all of her lethal skills, Christina was able to overwhelm the gunmen. She then went on to hunt down the official and executed him in revenge.

Remembering her promise to continue living, Christina took the handle of San Pi and set off on a career as a hired gun. Having lost the man she loved, Christina reverted to her hedonistic worldview, only taking jobs that would keep her from keeping bored.

San Pi is well-known in the criminal underworld as the world’s foremost industrial saboteur-for-hire in addition to serving as the occasional assassin. Her fees are high but many are willing to pay them because of her fearsome reputation. She has been hired by drug lords, corporate leaders, and government agencies the world over. Having accrued a small fortune from her various clients, San Pi remains on the cutting-edge with her technology and weapons.

For example, her visor contains a holographic overlay that serves many functions including assisting her aim, tracking targets, a built-in satellite communications uplink, and providing night-vision and infrared filters.

In combat she makes use of a pair of custom-made pistols. These firearms are made of a lightweight polymer ceramic that can be broken down into modular pieces to sneak past airport security and will not be detected by any metal detector or x-ray device. Even more lethal are her two short swords. The swords are made of a titanium core covered by a layer of diamond that has been laser-cut into a molecule-thin blade. Her swords have a reputation of their own as they have demonstrated they are sharp enough to cut the “invulnerable” skin of several superhumans and rumors abound that San Pi has been hired in the past by the CIA to assassinate superheroes that go rogue.

She is also an expert in numerous martial arts, having trained with then beaten and killed several renowned masters over the course of her career. Her swordfighting skills are equally impressive, having enabled her to win several international competitions in her civilian identity. Her gymnastic abilities and natural flexibility serve her well during her infiltration assignments and her familiarity with all the latest security technologies allows her to get into even the most highly secured locations. In fact, some say that many governments actively pay San Pi a monthly fee to motivate her not to break into their classified facilities. Whether this is true or a wild rumor cannot be determined.

Besides her lethal combat and world-class infiltration skills, San Pi is still in possession of the Scroll of the Nameless Warrior which allows her to create two duplicates of herself. She uses her duplicates for misdirection, confusing enemies by appearing in multiple places at once before ganging up on them. Her duplicates are also useful for her heists and break-ins. They allow her to act as her own support team without having to resort to hiring others to provide manpower and ensure she never has to split the money.

San Pi also makes use of her duplicates for an unorthodox but effective interrogation method: using all three cocks to plug every orifice of her victim and creating almost airtight seals until they suffocate on cock unless they surrender their secrets to her.

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