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The Phantom Futa in “Midnight Justice” by LC

Here we are, the first in a long series of story posts featuring the one and only caped dickgirl, the Phantom Futa! This right here is a bit of an intro piece to get a feel for how it works and see what y’all think. Feel free to leave feedback, things you want to see, things I can improve on, and even ideas for the story. I have an overall plot arc in mind for the first season, but ideas for side plots and even the way you’d like to see the overall go is more than welcome.



The Phantom Futa


Midnight Justice

The sky was black but Freedom City was bright. It was only now, in the late hours of the night, that the city came alive. From the casinos where the powerful and the lucky gambled for dominance, to the brothels where the honest and the dishonest were equally disgraced. Crime ran this city, it paid for the law, it kept children fed, it kept the very life of the society alive. And those whom ruled crime would rule it all.

It was in a dark and dank alleyway behind a reputable city bank that the two men stood, waiting for their signal.

“Hey Marty, what was the name of that broad?” The first man asked loudly.

“My name is Martin.” The other man responded in annoyance.

“Yeah ok Martin. What was her name again?”

“Which one?” Martin asked gruffly, stilled simply annoyed by his companion.

The first man gestured. “You know, the blonde. You took her out the other night remember?”

Recognition flashed across Martin’s face. “Yeah Kelly. Bitch wouldn’t put out. She ate my meal and rode in my car and I cant get some tail for that?” He paused and thought for a second. “Humph, maybe her name was Katy. Had to smack her around a bit to make her cooperate if you know what I mean.”

The first man laughed. “Yeah I remember Pauly; ‘There goes another nice girl down the drain’ Ha ha!”

“Shut up Petey. So whens the truck supposed to be here?”

Petey checked his watch and then shrugged. “I dunno, soon.”

“They better get here soon.”

“Hey, these are Giovanni’s own guys, they’ll be here don’t worry.”

“Giovanni Bernatelli sent these guys himself? Shit if big man’s behind it this job will be no problem.”

The Bernatellis were the ones who ran Freedom City. From money laundering, to prostitution, to drugs, if it was illegal they did it. No criminal made a buck without some going to the Bernatelli Family. Even the cops were on their payroll, their power over Freedom City was absolute. Giovanni was their leader, Godfather of the sinister crime family. His was a name both feared and respected equally.

Martin’s gaze wandered to the alleyway across from him. There weren’t any others around, save one woman lingering in that dark alley. She wore a robe around her shoulders, hood up over her head, while beneath she wore nothing more than a skimpy outfit, possibly black or blue it was hard to tell in the light.
Her body was beyond desirable, tight curves and huge tits. Lust stirred within Martin, he wanted her, and he would have her no matter the price.

“Ah good the truck is here.” Petey said.

Martin looked to see the armored car backing into their alley. Obviously Bernatelli’s men were here and ready to crack into the bank before them.

“Yous guys get started, you don’t need me til you get to the safe anyway.”

Petey looked at him like he was crazy. “You’re kiddin right man?”

“Naw, im gonna go blow off some steam.”

Martin walked across the road. It was completely deserted, no one in this dangerous part of town so late at night. As he walked the woman noticed him and leaned back against the wall to show off her merchandise.

Damn was she beautiful. Sure he couldn’t see her face but still, her skin was so soft and her TITS!

“Nice night baby.”

She smiled at him but said nothing.

Martin stepped up and wrapped his arm around her waist. Her tits pressed up against him, her face barely an inch away but still concealed by her hood.

“Looking for some company?” She asked in a light voice.

Martin pulled a few twenties out of his wallet and stuffed them in between her breasts. The prostitute smiled and fell to her knees. There she undid his belt, sliding it out of the loops. Then she unbuckled his pants and slid them off. His cock was exposed in the dim light of the alley, where the hooker quickly enveloped it with her lips.

Martin breathed out as she sucked his cock. It had to have been one of the best blowjobs he had ever had, as the hooker twirled her tongue around his cock and sucked hard with each oral stroke. With one hand she caressed his balls, with the other she seemed to be rubbing her pussy. Martin tilted his head back and sighed, he needed this.

He quickly came to his climax, the hooker really sucking hard as he finally exploded in her mouth. About halfway through the orgasm she pulled back, allowing his ropes of cum to cover her face. The criminal leaned back against the wall, breathing deeply as he relaxed. He looked to his cock sucker to watched as she wiped the cum out of her violet hair. Violet? He hadn’t noticed that before. In fact now her hood was down, and he saw the deep blue mask over her eyes. She suddenly looked very familiar.

The prostitute looked up at him and smiled. “Thanks for the cumshot, now how about a facial for you?” Martin looked down at her, and could see a raging hard cock held in her left hand.

She jumped up and threw a punch faster than he could see. Martin fell to the floor with a crash, completely knocked cold.

“A good blow, and the punch was pretty good too.”

The woman turned her attention to the armored truck in the alley across the street. There she saw at least four mobsters, breaking out the bank wall. She scaled the wall quickly jumping deftly up upon the rooftop. She stepped back, preparing herself, and then ran. The wind darted past her ears, hair trailing behind her as she jumped, her lithe body flying across the street. She landed on the other side, the full length of a two lane street, in a deft roll on the opposite rooftop. There she continued to run, jumping off the side of the building. She slid down the brick side, dragging her hand behind her.

“Hello boys!” She shouted as she her feet touched ground. The four men turned in surprise, still in the middle of setting charges on the wall. She grabbed the nearest one and tossed him against the wall, knocking him unconscious. Wasting no time she through her fists into the second, grabbing his shoulders as he fell to lift herself up and send a kick into the third. The ‘prostitute’ landed deftly on her feet again, coming face to face with the barrel of a gun.

Petey was stunned. Before him stood what he thought to be the hooker giving his friend a blowjob across the street. Now he saw a stunningly beautiful babe. She wore a tight blue body suit, coming up to cover one breast, the other with little more than a small piece of fabric covering the nipple. Her hair was long and flowing, stunningly violet. But most of all he found himself starring at her huge, meaty cock. Weirder still than her simply having such a large dick, was that Petey actually found himself wanting it. Craving it.

“Guns? That’s just cheating!” She said playfully.

“G-go away! Bitch!”

“Well you know how to charm a girl.” She teased. The woman put her hands together, drawing upon something within herself. Sparks of electricity appeared at her fingertips, and as she shoved out against her adversary a bolt of lightning seemed to jump from her hands to his body, incapacitating him.

The police had the alley sectioned off that next morning, five men with known ties to the Bernatelli family unconscious on the ground, their attempt to rob the First Junction Bank foiled.

“We have to handle this carefully.” Police Lieutenant Guerez said. “Pissing off the Bernatellis will make things too hard on us.”

“Sir.” An officer said as the Lieutenant walked toward the crime scene.

“Give me the details.”

“Five men, all known criminals, unconscious. And… uh.”

“What is it?” Guerez asked.

“They’re all covered in cum sir.”

Guerez walked forward to where the men were piled up, a strange symbol somehow written with in the white stains. The Lieutenant knew what it meant.

“Looks like the Phantom Futa is back in town.”

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