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The Phantom Futa in “New Help Arrives”

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It all started when The Phantom Futa started to become a little famous in town that little Ben stated to know about her.

He was always interested in superheroes and wanted to become on himself, yet later, when he got older, he abandoned that dream and started living a normal life. A few years passed and Ben started to grow older and more adult as he kept hearing about The Panthom Futa, every time he heard about her his blood started to boil. He wanted to be a part of it and fight crime the same way she did, but unlike her, he did not had any super powers whatsoever

As his normal life started to fail on him he withdrew from the world, escaping into his comic books and dreaming about fighting crime at night. Of course, as every boy did, all he dreamed about was meeting The Phantom Futa and fight along side with her while secretly having a big crush on her. One night he suddenly woke up and decided to press on with the idea and started to create his own super powers.

Inspired by his favorite crime-fighting super heroine, he went in search of mysterious powers. He searched the whole town to possibly find a machine that could make him stronger. Finally he discovered a strange device at a highly advanced lab. He did not knew were he was, but he did not care at the moment. He pressed a button and suddenly all the alarm bells went off as he got pulled in by the machine itself. There it transformed him in a bizarre and surprising way.

He felt strange as the machine that was powered by wind blew his DNA to pieces then later slowly molded it back together. When he opened his eyes and get out of the machine he looked at his hands and felt his body to see if anything was wrong. Yet he could not feel anything different, then suddenly he sneezed. When he did he blew the whole lab to pieces. It appeared that the machine had mixed windy powers with his DNA structure.

He smiled as he quickly went home and started to think of a name for himself. While thinking, he was also drew a possible costume he could use to fight crime. He finally had made a costume that was light weight so he could blew himself into the air and fly with. He also thought of a name – Blow-boy, also know as B-boy.

B-boy was now ready to fight crime and fight along side The Phantom Futa. Still he has to find her first and who knows how she will react when they first meet . . .

I saw all the amazing art people had made on your side and decided to make my own with a new story to it. I’m not as good as all the other artists I see on the site, but maybe people can make it better and perhaps continue with my idea.

The art I used was:

B-Boy: Teen Titans (Robin)
The Phantom Futa: Josie Purr
Background: Deviantart Artist – TV-Show

– The Phantom Futa Fan

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    3 Responses to “The Phantom Futa in “New Help Arrives””

    • Ben krouder:

      Hello all, this is the artist speaking.
      Like you can all read above I would love if any of you could continue with the story of my character and perhaps make a drawing of B-Boy and The Phantom Futa as they meet. It would mean a great deal to me and would really love it.

    • Artfaninme:

      dude i lover the story but your B-boy is re- colored teen titan robin. you might want to work on some new designs

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @Artfaninme – He said he used Robin from Teen Titans as B-Boy in the quotes

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