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The Phantom Futa In Peril Alternate Cum Cover by JosiePurr

The Phantom Futa In Peril by JosiePurr

The Phantom Futa In Peril Alternate Cum Cover by JosiePurr

1000 pixel version – Click Here
2000 pixel hi-res verson – Click Here

You guys voted and here it is – The Phantom Futa In Peril Alternate Cum Cover by JosiePurr! With 815 votes for “yes” and 135 votes for “no” it wasn’t even close lol. Never fear though, I have complete faith that The Phantom Futa will make it out of this perilous predicament and dish out a heavy dose of justice even though she is powerless for the time being. After all heroes are no fun to root for if they never have impossible obstacles to overcome – She’ll just have to get real horny real fast. No pressure! 😉

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    9 Responses to “The Phantom Futa In Peril Alternate Cum Cover by JosiePurr”

    • hehe! The Phantom Futa is always fun to draw!… and splatter with jizz! ^_^
      Thanks to everyone who voted!!! Its amazing to see this community grow! 😀

    • Cyborger:

      I couldn’t help but vote yes. Plus I was really horny at the time. I’m sure The Phantom Futa will have a second wind (that’s what I call it when I can “you-know-what” again doing “you-know-what”.

      @ Josiepurr – Hi. I’ve only been apart of the dickgirl/futanari community for a few months now but I’m a really big fan of yours. Your drawings are definitely worth having to clean the computer monitor, if you know what I mean. (Sorry if that sound gross).

    • Futaresend:

      This is single handedly my favorite pic ever!

    • ILFBing:

      well for one i love the pic and i love the fact it was drawn by josie i like josie pics ive gotten 2 be a futa fanatic in this last year dont even know y but this is great love it

    • Roguehassasin:

      @ Josiepurr – I have to agree with Cyborger. Your amazing art is definitely WORTH to clean the computer monitor. It looks realistic and the way you draw expressions are great. Every piece of your art – from straight to futa is just amazing. You deserve recognition for your work! Every human has to fap to your fantastic art! hehehe…

    • Futafanari:

      There is pictures of Sara Jean Underwood out where she is dressed like a super hero and she looks like that phantom futa.

    • Futa Fan:

      @Futafanari – Really? Can you email me a link to them?

    • DR_Clubb:

      These works are definitely great. Still, can’t help but wonder how the other alternate cover would be :p. I’m sure it would have been worth at least “one round” ;).

    • DR_Horny:

      I am ahuge fan of Phantom Futa, and would like to see her full nude, without her costume. It makes it easier to do you-know-what.

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