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The Phantom Futa In Peril by JosiePurr

The Phantom Futa In Peril by JosiePurr

The Phantom Futa In Peril by JosiePurr

1000 pixel version – Click Here
2000 pixel hi-res verson – Click Here

Today is a big day. Not only do we get a new Phantom Futa piece by JosiePurr but I am also unveiling the official logo by her as well! I am beyond happy with how this illustration turned out, JosiePurr really outdid herself this time and set the bar very high for future commissions.

The premise – Create a comic book cover inspired rendering for The Phantom Futa complete with logo and everything else you would normally find on one. This would also be the template for future mock-covers featuring The Phantom Futa.

The inspiration – JosiePurr and I have been into comic books our whole lives and we wanted to do something modern but pay homage to the retro covers where the hero would be in danger. Since The Phantom Futa’s power comes from her cock being hard, and if she cums she will be weakened until she gets horny again, we figured that would make for a perfect set-up for her being in peril. Btw – I’ll create a full bio complete with back story on her in the future.

The execution – FLAWLESS. I absolutely love the vibrant colors juxtaposed with the moody lighting and The Phantom Futa’s large cock ready to explode is fucking hot! I am extremely turned on by this piece which is important because sometimes Futanari Obsession becomes more of a business to me and less of a “fun thing to do”. It’s nice to rub one out to The Phantom Futa and be reminded why I fell in love with futanari hentai in the first place. Thank you for that JosiePurr! Don’t forget, comments are always encouraged so feel free to leave one and let us know what you think about this amazing piece.

Which brings me to the final part of this post – the poll. Does The Phantom Futa cum all over her big tits and lose her powers or does she break free and kick some ass!? You decide the outcum of this dilemma  😉

Does The Phantom Futa cum? You decide!

  • Yes (86%, 815 Votes)
  • No (14%, 135 Votes)

Total Voters: 950

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    16 Responses to “The Phantom Futa In Peril by JosiePurr”

    • zorgon:


    • Some_Guy:


    • Joseiam:

      Will u put the comic on your website when its finish

    • Futa Fan:

      @Joseiam – Right now it’s just a mock comic cover for fun.

    • Futa Maniac:


    • Futa Fan:

      She’d only be powerless for a short time until she recovers lol

    • hazardous Futa:

      Presumably her powers grow the longer she goes without release? Like she’d be way stronger after a month of celibacy than after just a week? One would think that the release of all that energy at once would have pretty explosive results (pardon the pun) that maybe our villain did not anticipate?

    • Alucard:

      After a suprisingly relaxing holiday, I return to find a poll deciding The Phantom Futa’s fate…

      I say make her cum… Then, she will be powerless, and at her captor’s mercy…

    • Futa Fan:

      @hazardous Futa – hmmmmmmm I like where you are going with that

      @Alucard – Glad to have you back

    • catman:

      cum in his fuckin eye and run

    • Sticky:

      Great pic! I’m with hazardous Futa. Her captor should torment her dominatrix style, but the plan back fires because when The Phantom can no longer delay gratification, some body gets “laid” out.

    • cyborger:

      I’m usually in favor of the hero but I want to see her cum all over the room, herself, the cover and her captor. I especially want to see her face after she blows her load.

      If you’re really serious about this character you can make her “defeat” into an experience that would add dept to her personality. All heroes go through some traumatic experience once or twice. Some die, some lose sidekicks, some become hated by the citizens. You know, stuff like that. You get what I’m getting at?

    • Anon:

      I believe this is a goog time for an archnemisis to be made and or introduced

    • LOL, good work Josie!

    • smuggs73:

      hell yea

    • super jen:

      make her cum slowly , tease her as she gets weaker and weaker.

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