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The Phantom Futa in Primal Prehistory!

The Phantom Futa in Primal Prehistory! by AHV

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The Phantom Futa is lost in time! An incident with a mystical artifact opened a vortex that threatened to swallow Freedom City whole! When the Phantom Futa attempted to seal the vortex, she was sucked into the whirling maelstrom of cosmic energy in the process. The portal has flung her into the past and deposited her in the prehistoric era. All her gadgets have been short-circuited, her powers are disrupted, and her costume has been torn away by the chaotic transit. Fortunately, she is found by a group of roaming tribesmen who witness her emerge from the glowing time-portal and begin to worship her as a goddess. The primitive humans tend to her injuries and attempt to repair her costume from the tattered pieces that remain, using body paints to replace parts that are unsalvageable.

Once The Phantom Futa recovers, the tribe welcomes her with a massive orgy, as both men and women pleasure their newfound goddess, eager to receive her warm, sticky blessings.

Though she has been adopted into the tribe, The Phantom Futa is still depowered and deprived of most of her tools. She must rely on her wits and willpower to survive the countless dangers that abound in this forgotten time. And hopefully, find a way home.”

This gorgeous piece was created by the awesome AHV who is currently open for commissions! So if you’re interested please take a look. And be sure to give him props for this wild rendering of The Phantom Futa!

– Rexxon

AHV ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantART

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