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The Phantom Futa in “The Convent of Sin” by Nikcesco

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The Phantom Futa in “The Convent of Sin”

Sister Morality created and owned by Rexxon
Bio by Rexxon and Nikcesco
Art by Nikcesco

Name: Sister Morality
Secret Identity: Cerise Lenoir
Aliases: None
Appearance: 5’ 11”, middle-aged with softer body, large bust, wide child-bearing hips and plump butt, fair skinned, blonde hair, blue eyes,

Cerise Lenoir was once a harmless if extremely pious woman who was wholeheartedly devoted to God and the Catholic religion. When her husband left Cerise for a younger woman, she found strength in her faith in order to support herself and her infant daughter Chastity. Despite the loss of her husband’s income, Cerise was able to find enough work to pay the rent, put food on the table and get presents for every birthday and Christmas. She was fully aware of how fortunate she was and firmly believed that it was God that helped guide her through those difficult times.

Having no family besides her daughter, Cerise poured her heart and soul into making sure Chastity had a safe and happy life. So when the opportunity arose for Chastity to attend a prestigious girls’ prep school in Freedom City, Cerise did not hesitate to move there.

Although at first the mother and daughter were happy in their new life, as the years passed, Cerise became disturbed by what she viewed as the increasing immorality and sinfulness of modern society. Nowhere was that more evident than in Freedom City where the citizens cheered and applauded for a “hero” like the promiscuous and provocative Phantom Futa. In Cerise’s eyes, the Phantom Futa was as bad as the villains she fought on a regular basis.

Being a morally conservative woman, she did her best to protect her daughter from the excesses of city life and its superpowered inhabitants. However Chasity was passing through her teenage years and began experiencing all the natural urges and needs that accompany becoming a young woman. One day Cerise returned home from work early and discovered her pure, innocent daughter masturbating to salacious images of the Phantom Futa.

Unable to cope with her daughter’s apparent fall from grace, Cerise had a breakdown. Her piousness had alienated her more liberal neighbors and coworkers so she had no friends to turn to for help. Even the city churches could not help her considering their open acceptance and support of homosexual marriages, premarital sex and all manner of other improprieties.

Left with only one option, Cerise decided to seek guidance from the only source she could still trust. She began fasting and praying for a sign from God about what to do in the face of all the sin in the world. For seven days she went with barely any food or water or even sleep, until on the final day she collapsed from exhaustion.

Cerise then saw a brilliant golden light and heard a booming voice ordering her to destroy the Phantom Futa. When she asked the voice how she could do such a thing when she was a mortal woman, the voice promised that she would be given the power needed to strike down the Phantom Futa and all other sinners in her path. When Cerise awoke, she discovered that her hands had developed stigmata-like wounds and a fiery heat burned in her heart. It was in that moment that Cerise knew that she had been empowered by God. She also knew exactly what she had to do next.

Donning a nun’s habit and the name of Sister Morality, Cerise vowed to use her newfound power to purge the world of sin and vice. At the very top of her list is the one who had dragged her daughter from the righteous path: the Phantom Futa.

Whether her experience was an exhaustion-induced delusion or truly a revelation, no one can say but what is certain is that Sister Morality now possesses impressive power.

Her chief ability is to conjure a strange oily substance that she has named “hamartia”. This pitch-black goop is actually physically manifested sin, which Sister Morality can manipulate and control at will.

The hamartia is produced when Sister Morality says a prayer to absolve others of their sins, which enables her to soak up the sins of those in her vicinity. The sin is stored within her body and somehow processed into hamartia which she can release from the stigmata wounds in the palms of her hands at will.

Hamartia has unusual adhesive properties in that the strength with which it binds and individual is reflective of the severity of the sin it was made manifest from. Whereas hamartia produced from the sin absorbed from a young child would be thin and weak, if it were drawn from a murderer the hamartia would be thick and hard to break free of.

Even more dangerous is when Sister Morality draws the sin from an enemy and turns it against them, for it is much more difficult to overcome sins of your own doing. This hamartia is impossible for an individual to break free under their own power. Even individuals with superstrength or paranormal abilities cannot escape their own hamartia’s grasp except for one of two ways.

The first is praying for forgiveness which essentially equates to begging for mercy. If a person bound by the hamartia sincerely asks for forgiveness with true repentance in their heart, then they will be unaffected by the substance. This gives Sister Morality ample opportunity to tease and torture her captives until they beg and plead with her for salvation.

The second way is to atone by accepting a punishment decided at Sister Morality’s leisure and typically involving an act that is both torturous and perverse, meant to demonstrate the depths of their sins.

Either choice will usually result in Sister Morality’s victory.

Nikcesco ~ Hentai Foundry

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