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The Phantom Futa in “The Mental Machinations of Mindrape”

The Phantom Futa in "The Mental Machinations of Mindrape" by Senseibushido

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The Phantom Futa in The Mental Machinations of Mindrape

Mindrape created and owned by Rexxon
Bio by Rexxon
Art by Senseibushido

Name: Mindrape
Secret Identity: Marissa Brian, Ph.D.
Aliases: The Mental Mistress
Appearance: 5′ tall, 5’10” including expanded brain, thin frame with modest curves and breasts, lightly tanned skin, bald head with an abnormally large cranium with visibly bulging veins and crackling with psionic energy, normally brown eyes glow purple when using powers

Dr. Marissa Brian was once a much-respected expert in the field of neuroscience. She was awarded numerous times for her groundbreaking research into using stem cells and gene therapy to treat conditions ranging from Parkinson’s to restoring stroke victims.

However she was also known by her peers as being highly antisocial, often refusing to collaborate on research projects and shunning any assistance on her work, displaying almost paranoid protectiveness of her discoveries. These traits only worsened with time as Dr. Brian struggled to meet the expectations placed on her by her growing reputation. While her brilliance was undeniable, because she chose to work alone the progress of her research was slow, leading her to lose her corporate sponsors.

Having lost the funding needed to support her research, Dr. Brian poured her efforts into one last effort to produce a treatment that could make it to market. Selling most of her worldly possessions and even her home to finance her projects, Dr. Brian moved into a small, self-owned laboratory and spent her days and nights developing her magnum opus.

After months of labor, Dr. Brian managed to produce a sample of stem cells that she genetically programmed to seek out and repair damaged brain tissue. All that remained was to conduct tests to ensure the treatment worked.

She was preparing to inject a dose of the stem cells into a lab rat when The Phantom Futa came crashing into the laboratory during a tussle with one of her supervillain rogues. Amidst the chaos, the needle carrying the stem cells was plunged into Dr. Brian’s skull and injected the experimental treatment into her brain.

The stem cells, unable to find any damage to repair, instead began multiplying uncontrollably, adding layers of new tissue to Dr. Brian’s brain causing it to expand and press against the walls of her skull. Upon dispatching her foe, The Phantom Futa returned to the ruined laboratory, retrieved the unconscious Dr. Brian and rushed her to the nearest hospital.

The doctors treating her needed to relieve the pressure caused by her expanding brain and were so forced to perform a craniectomy, cutting away a significant portion of her skull. Unfortunately, once no longer confining within her skull Dr. Brian’s brain continued growing until her head had effectively doubled in size.

Dr. Brian regained consciousness a few days later and was shocked to see herself in the mirror. Repulsed by her freakish appearance, Dr. Brian suffered a panic attack and had to be sedated. When she awoke again, she was informed that her lab had been completely wrecked, along with all of her research notes.

Realizing that she had lost her work, her home and her few material possessions in the world, she fell into a state of depression, entering an almost coma-like state of detachment. The billions of newly formed neurons in her brain pulsed constantly, giving her debilitating headaches and strange dreams. In her dreams, she replayed the events of the accident over and over.

After reliving the experience a thousand times, she came to a conclusion: The Phantom Futa was to blame. If it were not for the so-called hero, she would not have been turned into a freak.

Dr. Brian was determined to seek revenge on The Phantom Futa for disfiguring her and demanded to be released from the hospital. Her doctor refused, hoping to study her condition further. Dr. Brian again demanded to be released and as she did, her brain suddenly emitted bolts of strange psychic energy. Her doctor fell into a trance and dumbly agreed to sign her release papers at once.

Intrigued by her newfound psychic powers, Dr. Brian began experimenting and soon discovered that she could mind-control people. She also discovered that there was a way to enhance her ability to control her victims, namely by having sex with them. The act of sexual intercourse opened up certain synapses in the brain that make it vulnerable to psychic influence, making it easier for her to implant her will in their psyches. Additional experiments revealed that anyone who was mind-controlled in this manner could then have sex with another person and connect them to Dr. Brian’s mind by acting like a relay.

By spreading this “psychic STD”, Dr. Brian plots to subtly take over Freedom City and get her revenge on the Phantom Futa.

As Dr. Brian, Mindrape was a certified genius but after the accident expanded her brain, her intellect leapt beyond any measurable scale. Already knowledgeable in neuroscience as well as genetic engineering, Mindrape quickly expanded her repertoire. Her superhuman brain had a boundless capacity to process and store new information, allowing her to become an expert in physics, biochemistry, robotics and a slew of other topics and weaponize that information to attack The Phantom Futa.

Besides her tremendous intelligence, Mindrape also possesses significant psionic powers. She can influence the mind of any person within a close proximity to her or with some exertion control them directly. However strong willed individuals may resist her commands and she cannot force someone to do something entirely against their nature. Furthermore, the more people she controls at once, the weaker her hold on any one person becomes.

Because of these limitations, Mindrape prefers subtler means of manipulating her puppets. She uses her psychic powers to plant subliminal suggestions, discretely programming her victims to carry out her orders. Once the victim completes their programmed task they are left with no memory of what they just did, making them perfect pawns.

Mindrape’s impressive powers are further augmented if she engages in sexual intercourse with her victim. The endorphins and chemicals released during arousal as well as orgasm cause the brain to become more vulnerable to her psychic suggestions. If the individuals Mindrape seduces and controls go on to have sex with other people, she can use her first victim as a relay to connect to the next victim’s mind, allowing her influence to stretch across dozens of individuals, something she would not be able to do via direct control.

Unlike some villains who engage in loud, obvious crimes and use brute force, Mindrape has focused on staying hidden, moving in the shadows and waiting until The Phantom Futa is at her weakest. And when that moment comes, Mindrape will do everything she can to crush the nubile young hero once and for all.

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    8 Responses to “The Phantom Futa in “The Mental Machinations of Mindrape””

    • Wylde Ronin:

      Question. Are these real comics? And if so, how would one go about getting them and being able to read them….well you know what I mean by read.

    • @Wylde Ronin – Right now I’m just doing mock-comic book covers for fun but I hope to do full issues at some point. That will take a bit of money though.

    • LOL:

      So is mindrape mind-controlling the PF into fucking her? That’s insanely hot, like reverse rape.

    • ThatOneGuy:

      Why don’t you commission someone and make a real comic? Don’t give it for free though, sell it! I’d totally buy it!!

    • DMJ:

      futa fan, dude, cmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you gotta get this shit published man this is great material

    • DMJ:

      probably my fav villain so far

    • @LOL – Yea

      @ThatOneGuy – I need to find an artist that would be in it for the long haul. To do it right the whole project would be expensive.

      @DMJ – Glad you like her, Rexxon will be pleased to hear it I’m sure!

    • Fan:

      Please keep adding on to this!!! For the love of god please!!! make a doujinshi of it Please!

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