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The Phantom Futa Jerking Off Interactive Flash Animation

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CLICK HERE To Watch The Flash Animation

Here’s something I hope you all really dig. An interactive Flash animation of the Phantom Futa jerking off and cumming! Rexxon spent a lot of time coordinating between AF (the artist), PurpleMantis (the guy who made it interactive), and me (the guy that uploaded the files to the server…and that’s about it) to make sure this turned out perfectly. It was a group effort and I couldn’t be happier!

I hope this makes up for the lack of consistent updates of late. That’s not to say it’s the beginning of a new golden age of Phantom Futa pieces but it does represent our commitment to bring you more than just pin-ups. Don’t worry though, we still have a few of those in the pipeline. Rexxon and I have been discussing other ways to bring the Phantom Futa to the masses and an interactive Flash thingamabob was definitely at the top of our to-do list.

Keep your eyes peeled for new Phantom Futa content in the near future but until then have fun watching her jerk off and cum at your command!

AF ~ Hentai Foundry (Art)

PurpleMantis ~ Hentai Foundry (Functionality)

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    6 Responses to “The Phantom Futa Jerking Off Interactive Flash Animation”

    • Futaonyx:

      It was only a matter of time……and it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
      The pinups are always amazing but this…….drove me wild and
      cum 5 times(each more satisfy then the last/haven’t jerk for No Fap
      November lol).

      Here’s to more of our favorite heroine and to be more famous B|

    • ihearblank:

      Oh my stars and garters 🙂 With such great sound effects too!

    • Some Guy:

      This is fantastic. I’d love a way to download this so I can have it forever.

    • lighthugger:

      Cool idea, but small problem. It doesn’t scale to screen size, so I can’t access the controls (1366×768 screen resolution).

    • ero sanin:

      This is absolutley amazing! Sooo hot!

    • alex:

      ya can do f11 and max full screen

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