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The Phantom Futa Pin-Up by DOXOlove

The Phantom Futa Pin-Up by DOXOlove

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The gunman was sent reeling by the force of the fierce right cross. His weapon clattered to the ground as he fell against the graffiti-stained wall behind him and slipped into unconsciousness.

A figure stepped out of the shadows and stood over the fallen gunman. Silhouetted against the dim light filtering into the alley was an imposing yet alluring shape. It was undoubtedly that of a woman, highlighted by her soft curves. But sprouting from her groin was a very rigid, very masculine member.

This distinctive form belonged to the defender of Freedom City, its own champion of Justice.

The Phantom Futa!

She seemed to tower above her defeated quarry, powerful and triumphant.

Suddenly, she doubled over and clutched her stomach as though in pain. Grunting slightly, she struggled to focus as she dragged the gunman by the arms towards a nearby drainpipe. Reaching into a pocket cleverly concealed in the pattern of her costume, she pulled out a pair of plastic handcuffs and secured the gunman to the bolted pipe.

Once certain the criminal would not be able to free himself, she leapt into the air and flew up to the roof of the adjacent building. As her feet touched the rooftop she wobbled unsteadily

She tapped at her earpiece to activate its secure channel.

“H-Hiro?” she panted. “Pass word to the FCPD that the two-one-one from the Sullivan Street drugstore is dealt with. Corner of Leslie and 22nd. And check all emergency frequencies again.”

The clacking of a keyboard could be heard as the person on the other end wordlessly went to work.

“One anonymous tip to the police, sent,” a tired voice replied over the radio.

The Phantom Futa’s panting evened out into steady breathing while her technical genius and armorer Hiro Hwang continued tapping away at his computer.

“Nothing on police bands, no emergency dispatches, no 911 calls, no cats stuck up trees.” Hiro continued, barely stifling a yawn.

The Phantom Futa’s shoulder slumped as she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Alright. In that case I think we should call it a night.”

“Does that mean I can go to sleep now?” Hiro deadpanned.

“Yes faithful sidekick,” the worn-out heroine smirked. “You can go to sleep.”

“Hallelujah. Night, boss lady.”

“Good night Hiro.”

The line clicked and went silent, leaving her alone on the rooftop with nothing left to do but head home herself.

With a short jump, the Phantom Futa took to the air again, flying at a leisurely pace above the city. While she did urgently need to get home, her prominent erection was jostled uncomfortably by the night winds, forcing her to slow down well below her top speed. Grunting again as her cock twitched with painful need, she glanced down at her penis tucked into its codpiece.

Despite its simple appearance, her codpiece was actually a miracle of engineering. Within the material were countless arrays of tiny beads made of a reactive polymer that vibrated when an electric current was run through them. A dedicated network of biofeedback sensors lining her costume monitored heart rate, brain activity, body temperature, and a host of other factors. The sensors would then activate the micro-vibrators in her codpiece to provide enough stimulation to keep her in a state of arousal without actually driving her to orgasm.

This ingenious system allowed the Phantom Futa to keep her powers active almost indefinitely. She remembered when she had first tested it out and how grateful she was to Hiro for giving her a reliable means of controlling her powers.

At the moment however, she felt that if she were face-to-face with her assistant, she’d punch him in the face for inventing the damnable thing.

The whole night she had been rushing from one emergency to the other, running herself ragged trying to help as many people as she could. Even with her enhanced endurance and stamina, the constant strain gradually took its toll. And all the while, the damn codpiece kept teasing her, the microvibrators activating in long buzzes, swirling patterns or pulsing up and down her cock, constantly edging her closer and closer to orgasm only to switch off as she neared climax. The Phantom Futa was certain her balls would be as blue as her costume by the time she was done.

Pushing thoughts of wreaking merciless retribution on her assistant aside, the Phantom Futa returned her attention to where she was going. Soon she came within sight of the building she called home. Circling around one side, she spotted the balcony of her apartment and landed silently on it. Pulling open the sliding glass doors, she rushed inside and into her bedroom.

Her apartment was spartan in decoration and furnishings save for her bed. In contrast to her other possessions it was a luxurious affair with silky sheets and several plump pillows. But sleep was the last thing on the Phantom Futa’s mind.

She sat on the bed and began stripping herself. She kicked off her boots to the floor and removed her gloves. The circular patch of spandex that covered her left breast and the suit of her costume followed, leaving her body bare.

Her breasts, each a perfect handful stood firm atop her chest, capped with rosy pink nipples that stood erect with arousal. From her bust, her profile narrowed to a thin waist. Her belly was smooth with the faint rippling of toned muscle beneath her fair skin. Her body widened again at the hips and the smooth cheeks of her rear, completing a beautiful hourglass shape.

The Phantom Futa tossed the rumpled pieces of her costume onto the bed next to her and turned to removing her codpiece, whimpering and biting her lower lip as she peeled it away slowly. The spandex material was clinging stubbornly to her extremely sensitive glans, but soon her cock was freed and the Phantom Futa was naked save for her domino mask and purple-haired wig.

She then stumbled to her bedside table. Slamming open the drawer and nearly tearing off the metal handle in her urgency, she reached inside. After a moment of rummaging blindly in the back of the drawer, she gave a happy cry as she pulled out her prize. She laid back in her bed and uncapped the bottle of lubricant, holding it over her cock as she squeezed.

The bottle gave a pathetic wheeze as a single dot of lube dripped out.

The Phantom Futa’s eye gave a slight twitch.

Her patience thoroughly worn out, she simply crushed the plastic container in her superhuman grip. This time, the nozzle spat out a fat blob of lubricant onto her shaft. Shuddering as the cold goop made contact with her erect cock, The Phantom Futa tossed the crumpled bottle aside.

Her right hand gripped her cock and blurred into motion, driven by the frantic need to release the pressure welling up inside her. Within moments she had spread a shimmering layer of lube over her entire length. She stroked herself faster and faster, jerking her iron-hard shaft as quickly as she could. Meanwhile, her left hand cradled her ballsack and gently but firmly massaging her testicles, coaxing them to release their contents. She continued with this for several minutes but was frustrated to find that no such release could be found.

Her scrotum had been drawn taut against the base of her cock and appeared primed to fire, but all that emerged was a steady flow of precum. She could feel it. Like a ball of pressure in her groin, churning, aching for release but suppressed by some stubborn blockage.

With an animalistic groan of frustration she dropped her left hand lower and dipped two fingers into her slick womanhood. Already wet with anticipation, her pussy easily accepted her probing fingers. Her clit, a petite button of flesh as hard as her cock, peeked out from beneath its hood and the Phantom Futa began rubbing it with her thumb. Within moments her pussy was positively dripping as thin rivulets of her juices trickled down her netherlips, thoroughly soaking her sheets.

The male part of her anatomy reacted as well, her entire cock seeming to tighten as she played with it and her pussy simultaneously. But still the stubborn blockage refused to yield. The ball of pressure slammed futilely into an invisible barrier in her gut, leaving her still unable to find release.

Her strokes slowed and her rubbings became less frantic until at last, she collapsed back into her bed and let out a discouraged moan. Her defiantly erect shaft pointed ramrod straight into the air, and the nubile young woman could not help but think it looked as though her own body was flipping her the bird.

“Oh, fuck me,” the superhero muttered to herself, part curse, part prayer. There was no denying it.

She was stuck.

This was happening more frequently as of late. She discovered that the longer she used her powers, the harder it became for her to find release. If she used her powers continually for an extended period of time as she had tonight, she would get “stuck” and unable to climax. Whenever that happened, she would have to painfully wait it out as her erection gradually wilted. She imagined such an experience would be uncomfortable for a man, but were even worse for her. As a creature who drew her very strength from sexual energy, feeling that energy slowly ebb from her body was agonizing.

The Phantom Futa remained unmoving on her bed for a time. She was tired and frustrated and incredibly horny.

And she was not about to give up.

Her conviction returned to her and she reached back into her bedside table to take out a variety of items. Once she gathered her tools, she flopped back onto the bed and began putting them to use.

A pair of elastic bands was pulled around her thighs and a third went around her cock. Two vibrator eggs trailing wires to their respective controls were next. The controls were slipped underneath the elastics on her legs while the eggs were put into the band around her cock.

She switched both of the eggs on and sucked air through her teeth as they buzzed to life and began humming against the sides of her oversensitive cock. Tingles of pleasure went rushing down her engorged rod and pooled inside her body. Cupping her breasts with both hands, she kneaded the pillowy flesh. She craned her neck forward to plant soft feathery kisses around her nipples which hardened at her ministrations.

Flipping herself over, she pointed her shapely rear to the ceiling. Reaching behind her with one hand, she slid a garishly colored dildo into her moist, eager womanhood. It slid into her body, filling her tight channel nicely. She slowly moved the dildo deeper into her body, then pulled it back. Her other hand went to her cock and she resumed stroking the rock-hard member. She started to move her hips in time with each thrust of the dildo and tug of her cock, gradually falling into an easy rhythm.

Then she quickened her pace, her hands beginning to move almost by themselves now. The Phantom Futa’s conscious mind had fled, yielded to the sheer animal need to unleash the pressure and burning heat in her loins. She stroked her cock, pistoned the dildo in and out, bucked her hips to-and-fro. And little by little, that invisible barrier began to crumble, worn away by the multitude of sensations assailing it.

At last she felt it, the imminent rush of her much-deserved release. One last pull on her cock, one last shove of the dildo into her cunt. Her toes curled and her whole body tensed. With a primal scream of victory and sheer ecstatic joy, she came.

Her balls pulsed and pressure rocketed down her length, pouring forth from her cockhead in thick ropey spurts of cum, splattering over her legs. The pleasure shot through her like lightning and zapped its way into her pussy, which clamped down hard on the dildo lodged into her channel. She climaxed a second time as a torrent of pussy juice gushed from her cunt, messily spilling down her groin. Glistening trails of fluid rolled down her tightened ballsack, the tickling sensation pushing her over the edge again.

The bolt of white-hot pleasure ricocheted from her pussy back to her cock, which twitched and pulsed as a third orgasm rippled through her body. Another load of hot jizz burst free and the rich, warm goop spilled into a messy pool on her sheets. Yet another orgasm coursed through her body, and another, and another, and the pool of creamy semen beneath her grew with each spurt.

Time stretched into infinity for the virile heroine as she lost track of how many times she climaxed. Finally her balls finished emptying themselves and one last stream of cum trickled out of her cock to fall into the pool of semen below.

Now totally and utterly spent, the Phantom Futa toppled over, panting heavily, her entire body flushed from her exertions. Her skin was practically glowing as she basked in the glorious aftermath of her chain of orgasms, though part of that glow was caused by the sheen of sweat, cum and pussy juice that alternatively coated her from head to toe.

The Phantom Futa’s mouth stretched into a delirious smile of relief as she sank into her comfy mattress and pulled the sheets over herself. She was either ignoring or uncaring of the mess she was smearing across her body.

With a single yawn, the superheroine closed her eyes and drifted off into her well-earned sleep.

Story by Rexxon

Artwork by DOXOlove ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantART

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