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The Phantom Futa pin-up by JamFlavored

The Phantom Futa pin-up by JamFlavored

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The Phantom Futa pin-up by JamFlavored – Standard Image (1000 pixels width)
The Phantom Futa pin-up by JamFlavored – HD Image (2000 pixels width)

Sometimes even superheros need a vacation, but what would the Phantom Futa’s bikini look like? Thanks to JamFlavored, now we know! The cool thing is the Phantom Futa can still fight crime while relaxing by the pool in her fully-functional bathing suit/costume designed by her ally Hiro Hwang.

I mentioned before that I had a particular affinity for alternate costumes but I also love superhero swimwear too. That may sound redundant but there is actually a difference and I have the Marvel Swimsuit Specials that were published in the early 90’s to thank for that particular obsession. I think JamFlavored did a great job capturing the look and feel of the Phantom Futa’s costume and converting it into a cool swimsuit. Plus the bright colors and clean line work really represents the whimsical nature of those old Swimsuit Specials I grew up reading. I hope you guys love this piece as much as I do. Thanks Jamflavored!

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