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The Phantom Futa pin-up by RDR

The Phantom Futa pin-up by RDR

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I don’t know how to properly express just how much I love this pic without going into a little back story about me – I’m not sure when it started but I have always liked the concept of alternate costumes. I’m a sucker for unlocking different outfits in video games and I will usually play a game all the way through again if I really like the new costume. Sheva’s “tribal” costume in Resident Evil 5 is a great example of this – I probably wouldn’t have played the game a second time if she didn’t have that costume.

Now that you know that about me, you don’t need me telling you how much I dig this Phantom Futa pin-up by RDR. I still haven’t figured out if this is an alternate costume, with it’s own functionality, or if it’s an earlier version of her current outfit – I’ll let Rexxon figure that one out – but either way I think it’s fucking rad. RDR did a great job with the pose and her body type – just the right amount of muscles. It totally looks like someone is going to get their ass handed to them by the Phantom Futa in t-minus two seconds. Sucks to be them…or does it?

Thanks for the pic RDR!

Side note – I really should have used a thesaurus because I said “costume” and “outfit” a lot in this post. Lol oh well.

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    5 Responses to “The Phantom Futa pin-up by RDR”

    • Aldo:

      I love this new image of phantom, the dress looks great, the pose is fantastic and the muscular body but not with exaggeration is beautiful
      , the erect penis, but not completely vertical, it accompanies the pose
      great pic

    • Daygon j:

      I would sure love to be the criminal she about to fuck

    • kashk:

      i don’t like that she has a sword i always imagined her as a hand to hand (or cock to face) type of fighter

    • michael:

      DAM¡¡¡ I love this alternative costume , and different hairstyle I love it, I also like that the model does not have a giant penis (so common in 3d today ), good choice of image creator.

      We will see this character perhaps fighting? I hope so

    • jonnycake:

      Fuck my hungry ass, Phantom.

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