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The Phantom Futa pin-up by Sr. Joi

The Phantom Futa pin-up by Sr. Joi

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I’m not gonna lie to you guys – I jerked off to this pic three times now. It’s so fucking hot, I love the little bit of cum that landed on the Phantom Futa’s face. I guess looking at pictures of herself online is a major turn-on!

Sr. Joi did an absolutely marvelous job with this pin-up. It came out better than I ever thought it would and I already had expectations after the Milla Jovovich rendering he did. Seriously though, how cool is this concept of her jerking off on the iPad while looking at Futanari Obsession? I fucking love it!

Make sure you check out the hi-res version because there is so many awesome little details you will miss if you don’t (like the way her asshole puckers in a little bit). Amazing! Bravo Sr. Joi, you certainly did the Phantom Futa justice.

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    5 Responses to “The Phantom Futa pin-up by Sr. Joi”

    • Some Guy:

      This is amazing, I can’t tell you how awesome this is with words.

    • Charles:

      This is pornography in a completely artistic style. Look at the thoughtful use of shadow on her face. Really fine.

    • DR_CLUBB:

      Still erect after that blast, must be feeling really turned on so she isn’t vulnerable to attack, and I notice that this one shows off her pussy, covered of course. Wouldn’t mind that showcase eventually, but I think that keeps her with something sacred along with something powerful, at least 7 inches of power :D.

    • jonnycake:

      Feed me

    • PhantomlovEr:

      So fucking sexy I just want to eat her cum up and squeeze her ballz

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