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The Phantom Futa sucking her own dick by InCase

The Phantom Futa sucking her own dick by InCase

Transcript from talk show “CAPES! Late Night” with host Melinda Mellon, episode aired 8/18/2012:

MM: Hello viewers! And good evening Freedom City! As you know this week we’re talking to all the coolest, and hottest, superheroes and superheroines about what it takes to have a body like those men and women of steel. So please give a very warm welcome to today’s guest, the Phantom Futa? (audience applauds)

PF: PF will be fine.

MM: Alright, PF. So we’ve invited you here to talk about what you do to stay fit. You’ve uh, obviously got a very healthy physique and you clearly take good care of yourself. So what’s your secret? What do you do to keep in shape?

PF: Well, there isn’t really any one thing. I normally get a pretty good workout on the job, so to speak.

MM: I know! Just last Tuesday after the supports on Sparrow Bridge started to give way, you held the whole thing up long enough for police to evacuate everyone. (audience applauds)

PF: Just doing what I can to help. But besides bench-pressing bridges I do other kinds of exercise to stay in shape. One of my favorites is yoga, to improve flexibility and strength.

MM: Oooh, a friend of mine tried to get me into yoga. I could never do it though. It always looks so complicated and painful.

PF: (laughs lightly) It can be difficult at first. But what I find helps is to mix a little positive reinforcement, to you know, encourage me to keep pushing forward.

MM: Can you show us an example of one of your yoga positions?

PF: Oh, well…I don’t know.

MM: Oh please? Audience, we want to see PF do one of her poses right? (audience cheers and whoops)

PF: Well, alright. Now remember this is an advanced position, so don’t try this unless you’ve had practice. Let’s see if I can do this correctly (PF sits on floor of studio, inhales and exhales deeply, places hands on floor and lifts herself off the floor, she then carefully raises her legs behind her body, and smiles as she completes the position)

MM: Wow! That’s really impressive! (audience cheers) But what about the positive reinforcement you were talking about?

PF: Oh well that’s the easy part. (PF leans her head slightly forward, mouth open and takes the head of her erect penis into her mouth, audience goes silent as loud sucking noises echo through the theater)

MM: (blushes deeply) Oh, wow that’s hot…uh…(sotto voce) are we allowed to show this on TV?

NOTE: This episode of CAPES! Late Night was the most viewed episode in the show’s history. Despite its popularity, the episode quickly came under fire by conservative media groups, forcing the show’s network to forbid any reruns and the original tapes were sealed in the network archives. Regardless of the ban against the episode, it can still be found online on thousands of video sharing sites and countless mirrors. The first known copy of the episode, which is still active on the popular website MyTube, currently has over 150,000,000 views.

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Story by Rexxon

Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog

The Phantom Futa sucking her own dick by InCase

The Phantom Futa sucking her own dick by InCase

The Phantom Futa sucking her own dick by InCase

The Phantom Futa sucking her own dick by InCase

The Phantom Futa sucking her own dick by InCase

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