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The Phantom Futa swimsuit pin-up by JamFlavored

The Phantom Futa swimsuit pin-up by JamFlavored

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I got a lot of fan mail telling me they really liked the Phantom Futa bathing suit pin-up JamFlavored did back in May so I figured I’d bring him back for a new one. The cool thing is he already had the idea for this bathing suit roughed out so it took no time at all to get the commission done. Even better is the fact that JamFlavored doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either.

He didn’t ask me to do this but I’m going to anyways – If you’re looking for a great hentai artist to commission some pieces from your should really check out JamFlavored. He’s fast, reliable, and he won’t break the bank. Click on the link below to check out his rates on Hentai Foundry. Get there!

JamFlavored ~ Hentai Foundry

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