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The Phantom Futa Updated Origin

Hey guys
First of all thank you all for the great comments and feedback on the Phantom Futa’s origin story and bio. I’m really happy everyone liked it. Rexxon really went above and beyond what I was expecting and deserves most of the credit for fleshing out the Phantom Futa’s bio and Freedom City as well as her origin story. That being said we were both aware when I posted the story that it had a hole in it – How the Phantom Futa actually got her powers. We talked about saving that aspect for a comic down the road but since nothing is concrete right now we thought it would be better to put it back in thus making the Phantom Futa’s origin story whole. Below is the gap that Rexxon filled in while taking final exams no less! Of course you can read the Phantom Futa’s origin story in it’s entirety now but if you just want to read this part here it is. Enjoy!

…The public mourned the death of their hero while her family mourned the loss of their beloved daughter and sister. Distraught and hounded by the media, the Blair family left Freedom City behind to start anew.


Unbeknownst to them all, the night of the museum bombing, a lone figure emerged from the rubble. Against all odds, Jamie had miraculously survived the explosion. The centerpiece of the Aztec exhibit was a golden fertility idol shaped in the image of Chicoxoqtl, a hermaphroditic goddess. As Clint Adams’ bomb exploded, Jamie was sent flying into the idol of Chicoxoqtl, drawing the attention of the goddess. Sensing Jamie had a greater destiny ahead of her, the goddess intervened to save her life.

Chicoxoqtl used her vast power to halt the flow of time so that she could bestow her blessings upon Jamie. With a kiss that held both the tenderness of a mother and the passion of a lover, the goddess shared a part of her divine essence with the wounded Jamie Blair. The arcane magic of the goddess transformed Jamie’s body, as a penis and testicles sprouted from her groin.

Using the phallus as a conduit, Chicoxoqtl poured more of her essence into Jamie, granting incredible powers to the young hero including great strength and resistance to harm. Being a goddess of fertility, Chicoxoqtl’s blessings were all fueled by sexual energy. To ensure that she would never be completely vulnerable, Chicoxoqtl also endowed Jamie with an impressive libido.

Having worked her craft, Chicoxoqtl restored the flow of time and left the mortal realm.


While Jamie’s newly manifested superhuman durability saved her from being killed, the force of the explosion was great enough that she still suffered a serious concussion that resulted in retrograde amnesia…

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    2 Responses to “The Phantom Futa Updated Origin”

    • JROD:

      read the whole bio and it sounds amazing. the dude with the bomb was a little cliche but i loved the whole goddess statue, her being imbued with power, and the amnesia case, oh yeah and her cock ;). but yeah sounds great and im a comic book lover so i would soooooo read some phantom futa. and i gotta say id love to see some pics of Chicoxoqtl.

    • Futa WOlf:

      Great story, I love how it was fixed while working on finals too!

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