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The Phantom Futa versus Massive by Mali6

The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

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Name: Massive
Secret Identity: Elise Marie-Clarke Junior
Appearance: 5’ 8”, college-aged, outrageously oversized breasts and butt, wide hips, slightly pudgy belly, neck-length dirty blonde hair, blue eyes
Elise Marie-Clark Jr. grew up in a pressure cooker. Her mother was a supermodel of moderate fame who never made it big like she hoped. Her father was also a high-profile individual, being a well-respected expert in nuclear physics. Each parent hoped her daughter would follow in her footsteps.

Unfortunately for her mother’s wishes, Elise Jr. developed in quite the opposite way, curvy and voluptuous rather than thin and svelte and unsuited for the modeling profession. Though she had a few extra pounds, she was not overweight but the inevitable comparisons to her mother left her feeling insecure. Elise Sr. took her daughter to countless dieticians and personal trainers and even consulted plastic surgeons about the possibility of molding her daughter into a perfect model. Her father was little better, pushing her to excel academically and although Elise demonstrated that she excelled at the sciences she did not feel that it was what she wanted to dedicate her life to.

Bullied by her overbearing parents, Elise Jr. became withdrawn and submissive, a trait that would stick with her into her adult life. No matter what she accomplished, she always felt that it was not enough and her low self-worth contributed to her mousy nature.

Despite her personal reluctance, under her father’s guidance Elise managed to become a promising nuclear physics student. Her father’s connections helped in securing an internship at an experimental high-energy nuclear fusion lab.

One night, while monitoring a reactor experiment, her lecherous supervisor clumsily attempted to seduce her. When she resisted, her supervisor attacked her and in the struggle pushed her into the reactor core where she was subjected to torturous pain as the nuclear energies coursed through her. Her atomic structure was broken down into subatomic particles, reintegrated, torn apart, and reintegrated again countless times over the course of a few seconds. Miraculously she survived and emerged from the reactor. She then promptly incinerated her would-be rapist with a fiery blast.

The exposure to the radiation caused her to develop highly potent superpowers. Intoxicated by the incredible feeling of her new abilities and slightly unhinged by the agony of having being ripped apart atom by atom, Elise became the supervillain known as Massive. No longer obedient and subservient, she developed a crazed and highly-impulsive personality. Tossing her old life behind, she set out to enjoy a life that was hers to control for the first time.

On a good day, she might simply rob every supermarket in the city to satisfy her craving for triple chocolate-chip ice cream. On a bad day, she might go on a destructive rampage fierce enough to cause millions in damages just because she woke up feeling cranky. Her unpredictable nature makes her hard for the authorities and even the Phantom Futa to fight.

When Massive was torn apart by being tossed into the core of the fusion reactor, she gained the ability to absorb and convert kinetic energy into body mass. She can convert the energy of her every movement into more matter, causing her already prominent breasts and rear to expand even larger. If Massive keeps moving forward long enough, her mass increases to such an extent that she becomes almost unstoppable, constantly rushing forward under her own momentum and smashing through anything in her way. Even the superstrong blows of the Phantom Futa are harmlessly absorbed by her plush tits and ass making her almost impossible to overpower with brute force. Massive can even absorb the kinetic energy of projectiles, causing bullets to stop dead before they can hit her. Massive can subsequently reverse the process to convert her mass back into energy, producing intense nuclear blasts of incredible heat and force.

Her volatile personality and the protection provided by her powers make Massive a dangerous foe. Fortunately for Freedom City, Massive is not particularly malevolent and even has a strange sort of truce with the Phantom Futa. Often times Massive’s rampages are deterred by the Phantom Futa’s promise of a quick fuck after which she willingly leaves the city alone. For a while at least….

– Rexxon

Art by Mali6 ~ Hentai Foundry

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