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The Phantom Futa vs Artillery by Barretxiii

The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

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Name: Artillery
Secret Identity: Dara Byrne
Appearance: 6’ 1”, hardened and muscular build from military service, large breasts, sandy blonde hair and brown eyes

Dara Byrne was a native of Freedom City’s worst neighborhood, in the rundown slums colloquially known as the Dead End.

Despite her poor upbringing, her family was a loving one and she herself was a bright girl who exceled in school and had a number of good friends. Her relatively happy live was destroyed when a brutal loan shark came to collect several long-standing debts from her parents. When they could not pay, the loan shark offered to settle their accounts in exchange for giving him Dara’s virginity. When her father and mother protested and defended her, the loan shark and his thugs gunned them both down. The criminals then brutally raped Dara while her parents’ bodies lay broken and bleeding on the floor. By the time the nonexistent police presence responded to the crime, the perpetrators were long gone and young Dara was left alone in the world.

The loss of her parents and her rape affected her deeply, causing her to become aggressive and lash out towards others. She believed that no one, not her friends, teachers or court-mandated counselors could possibly understand her agony.

She eventually ended up in military service, desperately seeking direction for her life. Channeling her aggression into her training, she managed to make it into the Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance and was soon deployed into the Middle East to perform covert operations.

Amongst her brothers in arms, Dara felt that she had finally found a place to belong again only to lose her newfound family during an ambush. Her unit was positioned deep behind enemy lines and her commanding officer refused to send reinforcements to help extract them. Despite a heroic last stand, Dara was the only soldier to emerge from the attack alive.

Following the loss of her unit, her deep-seated survivor’s guilt resurfaced and drove her further into depression and anger. This culminated in her brutally assaulting and crippling the officer who had abandoned her unit to fend for themselves.

She barely managed to avoid being sent to prison by volunteering to undergo an experimental procedure intended to enhance a soldier’s combat performance. The experiment initially appeared to be a failure and Dara was dismissed from service. It was a few months later that Dara discovered the procedure had caused her to develop a great deal more muscle mass than an ordinary woman would as well as a thick nine-inch cock and balls that were constantly filled with cum.

Once again left without direction and purpose, Dara returned to Freedom City and discovered the Phantom Futa. Offended that this would-be hero was letting violent criminals and murderers live, Dara Byrne decided to mete out her own brutal brand of justice.

Stealing weapons and equipment for her one-woman war, she began hunting down criminals throughout Freedom City. Using her alluring body, she tricks her targets into letting down their guard before going in for the kill. Those few who are able to resist her seduction, she hunts down with deadly efficiency. Learning everything she can about her victims, she waits for the perfect opportunity to strike and swiftly eliminates them.

The amount of firepower she can bring to bear on her target and the huge cock swinging between her legs earned the moniker “Artillery” in the Freedom City underworld.

As she cuts down mob bosses and drug dealers, Artillery prepares to deliver punishment to the one person who has most failed to see justice through: the Phantom Futa.

Artillery’s extensive combat experience and military training make her a deadly fighter, whether in against large groups or individual targets. In addition to her mastery of multiple martial arts styles, she is familiar with a wide variety of hardware ranging from automatic assault rifles to rocket-propelled grenade launchers. Her weapons, either stolen from military storage or purchased using money taken from the criminals she hunts, allow her to bring overwhelming amounts of firepower to any engagements.

Her time spent serving overseas turned her into an expert in guerilla tactics. In conjunction with her arsenal of weapons, she is entirely capable of wiping out whole gangs singlehandedly.

In addition, the super-soldier combat enhancements given to Artillery elevated her to the apex of human ability, giving her peak strength and endurance. One of the most important is a modification that enables her body to produce a “super-adrenaline” compound that accelerates her reaction time and her ability to perform intense physical activity for protracted periods of time and even imparts a much higher pain tolerance than a normal human.

It is secreted in significant quantities by her testicles and is thus present in her semen. In fact, when she ejaculates the concentrated super-adrenaline in her semen ends up entering her victim’s bloodstream. Although this substance is harmless to her superhuman metabolism, when introduced into a normal human’s body it causes severe disorientation, cardiac arrest and in sufficient doses will knock them into a vegetative state. Essentially, her victims are screwed into a coma.

– Rexxon

Artillery belongs to Raven13

Art by Barretxiii ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Blogspot

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    5 Responses to “The Phantom Futa vs Artillery by Barretxiii”

    • nequam Zero:

      There appears to be an extra hand in this image. Both of Artillery’s hands are occupied restraining the Phantom Futa’s arms (and hands), so where did the one under her left leg come from?

    • DOH!!! Something felt slightly off about the piece, but it didn’t occur to me util now what it was! Thanks for pointing that out! An updated image is on its way!

    • Kashk:

      I question the length of her cock it says it’s nine inches…. that looks longer then nine inches. idk i could be wrong but it just doesn’t fit with the pic maybe it’s perspective, just thought i would point it out

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @nequam Zero – Good eye. It’s been fixed

    • MarcellusChe:

      Is this character in a comic piece?

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