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The Phantom Futa vs Libida The Seducer of Worlds

The Phantom Futa vs Libida The Seducer of Worlds

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The Phantom Futa vs Libida The Seducer of Worlds

Libida created and owned by Rexxon
Bio by Rexxon
Art by 34San

Name: Libida
Secret Identity: None
Aliases: Seducer of Worlds, The Whore-Queen of the Perseus Arm
Appearance: 6’ 10”, muscular build, green-skinned, single ponytail of braided red hair, four arms, large breasts with prominent suckable nipples, and a beautifully toned rear

Before the human race discovered fire, there was a species called the Hyxterans that ruled a sprawling interstellar empire that dominated a thousand worlds.

The Hyxterans originated from a mineral-poor super-Earth planet on the edge of the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. The intense gravity of their world resulted in them developing incredible strength and stamina and also caused them to evolve with an ultra-dense molecular structure that made them resistant to physical harm. As the Hyxteran civilization developed advanced science and technology they quickly realized that their planet lacked the natural resources needed to support heavy industry.

Once the Hyxterans were able to develop space travel, they discovered that there were many other worlds ripe for the taking. On these mineral-rich planets the Hyxterans established dozens of colonies, gathering resources to expand their empire.

There was a minor problem in that these worlds sometimes had indigenous life forms, but the Hyxterans’ martial strength enabled them to conquer most worlds with ease. The armies of super-strong and well-armed Hyxterans inevitably overwhelmed and enslaved all who opposed them.

The Hyxterans were finally stopped when the few unconquered species in the Perseus Arm banded together to fight back. This alliance retaliated against the Hyxterans, destroying every one of their colonies, and after years of fierce warfare forced them all the way back to their homeworld of Hyxt Prime. Afraid the Hyxterans would return to power if left alone, the alliance chose to bombard the planet from orbit, causing immense clouds of ash to be tossed into the atmosphere rendering the planet uninhabitable as temperatures rapidly dropped.

Their armies decimated, their fleets reduced to scrap and their homeworld in ruins, the Hyxterans were all but wiped out, with only one known survivor.

This survivor was a warrior named Libida who had been in deep space, scouting out new worlds to conquer. She returned to discover her species’ great empire had been broken. Determined to rebuild her people’s former glory, Libida genetically altered herself so that she could carry the children of any carbon-based species as well as greatly enhanced fecundity before entering suspended animation.

She emerged several millennia later, long after the alliance of alien races had disbanded and the Hyxterans passed into the realm of myth, becoming little more than bogeymen used to frighten children into behaving. Libida then ventured forth and landed on one of the planets of the former alliance. She then challenged many of the planet’s inhabitants until she found one she deemed worthy and promptly began copulating with him. Her incredible stamina resulted in her coupling with her chosen mate continuously until he eventually expired from exhaustion. The death of her mate was of little consequence, as Libida had already sampled his genetic material and used it to seed the countless embryos within her womb. Libida’s hyper-fertility enabled her to spawn thousands of hybrid offspring every day. Each hybrid had an ingrained instinct to obey and serve her, their mother and queen. These offspring rapidly grew to maturity and within a few months, Libida had an army numbering in the hundreds of thousands and was ready to rebuild her people’s empire.

Libida had her children infiltrate the planet’s critical infrastructure, ready to disable communication systems, destroy power generators, and sabotage major transportation hubs. By the time the actual attack began, the planet’s military and government were already in a disorganized panic and Libida’s army crushed all resistance. The planet succumbed and fell under Libida’s control in a matter of days.

Libida would repeat this process with many worlds, gradually retaking lost territory and establishing the New Hyxteran Empire while leaving a trail of deceased, yet thoroughly satisfied lovers behind. However she grew frustrated by the slow pace of her conquest and was further stymied by the remaining free worlds once again allying with one another to resist her attempts to invade, resulting in a cold war.

Realizing she needed to break the deadlock, Libida left the New Hyxteran Empire in the hands of her lieutenants while she searched for a mate that could match her strength as well as her bottomless sex drive so that she could create a truly unstoppable army.

She recently intercepted weak radio signals from a backwater world which apparently is inhabited by a host of superpowered beings that might actually be able to survive copulating with her for extended periods of time.

Even now her ship draws ever closer to the planet known as “Earth”.

Libida’s extreme fecundity ensures that she can rapidly spawn a loyal army on any planet she chooses to land on. She only has to mate with a carbon-based life form and sample their DNA once to produce an army of thousands. Repeated matings allow Libida to collect more genetic material and thereby continue swelling the ranks of her armies at a staggering pace until they can overwhelm any opposing force with sheer numbers.

Libida is also a fearsome warrior in her own right. She has centuries of experience battling enemies from across the galaxy. Her immense strength and ferocious fighting style can break those who dare to challenge her while her invulnerability allows her to withstand any counterattack. She augments her physical prowess with a mastery of all manner of weaponry, from nuclear-powered particle fission rifles to the Bowie knife. Few combatants have the skill and strength to stand against her and those that do are targeted as potential mating partners.

Her offspring are a major threat as well since each of Libida’s spawn possess not only their mother’s strength but also inherit the abilities of their “father”. From mating with a member of the intellectual Unipo species, Libida birthed a generation of scientists and engineers to develop new weapons of war for her armies. A trip to the barbarian tribesmen of Dohr IV gave her a legion of berserker shock troops. Though they differ slightly in abilities and appearance, these children all share a fanatical devotion to Libida and will gladly sacrifice their lives for the sake of furthering her campaign.

There is a small window of hope for any world targeted for conquest. Although her armies now number in the billions, Libida cannot bring them with her as there simply are not enough ships available to transport them all. Instead Libida travels to a world selected for conquest alone and mates in order to spawn her army on the planet itself. Libida is extremely selective with regards to her mate, only wanting the finest specimens to impregnate her. She will typically choose one individual and only one and pursue that individual until she is able to mate with them. Thus, if Libida is kept from copulating with her chosen mate, she will be deprived of her army and there may yet be an opportunity to defeat her.

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    • Pokemasterj:

      So, an image by 34San and a new villain background… Is it futa christmas?

    • Rexxon:

      That’s a present I’d like to wake up to! XD

      Glad to hear you like my character Libida! And yeah, 34san did a great rendering both her and PF!

    • DMJ:

      awesome pic. Love the bio and the villain all around i think this would be a larger than life enemy to fight and would love to read about it. Futa-like avengers maybe?

    • UnoriginalUsername:

      More than a bit like Galactus, yes? I like this idea.

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