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The Phantom Futa vs Madame Lollipop by Norasuko

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The Phantom Futa vs Madame Lollipop by Norasuko

Bio by Rexxon
Art by Norasuko

Name: Madame Lollipop
Secret Identity: Lola Nabakov
Appearance: Resembles a girl of around twelve years of age (actually age 48), fair skin, blonde hair, unusual purple eyes (side effect of anti-aging treatment)

Lola Nabakov was always in a hurry to grow up. A precocious child gifted with great intelligence, she was always searching for respect from both her peers and her elders. Her family had been farmers for generations, working the soil in rural Russia. Her genius often led to arguments with her parents whom she believed were uneducated rubes. She was determined to leave home as soon as possible and leave the small-minded people of her hometown behind.

She threw herself into her studies and managed to secure acceptance to a prestigious university at the age of twelve. Shortly afterwards she received a doctorate in chemistry and later began working at a pharmaceutical company developing new medicines.

Although she was a diligent employee and made numerous innovations over the course of twenty-five years, she was eventually laid off when the company failed. It was then that Lola realized she had dedicated herself to her work above all else. She had no friends, no romantic relationships, and nothing else in her life.

Regretting the years she had allowed to pass her by, Lola turned her intellect towards developing a means to regain and relive her lost youth. Using stolen chemicals and equipment pilfered from her now-closed laboratory, she was able to create a compound that would turn her from a woman in her mid-forties back to a vivacious twenty-something. The treatment appeared to be a brilliant success as her body reverted to a younger and more energetic form.

For two years she enjoyed herself immensely with a variety of experiences ranging from twenty-four hour barhopping expeditions to traveling around the world. She took on many lovers, both male and female and began indulging in more unusual hedonistic pursuits.

However another two years later, she discovered that she was still turning younger. She passed backwards through her twenties and her body became that of a teenager.

After analyzing her blood, Lola discovered that her endocrine system had begun producing more of her anti-aging chemical on its own. She would continue growing younger and younger until eventually her adult mind would be trapped in the body of an infant. And even then the process might not stop.

Realizing that despite her anti-aging chemical she was doomed to a short life, Lola decided that she would savor every pleasure the world had to offer. She turned her knowledge of chemistry towards creating new narcotic drugs and aphrodisiacs. She began participating in mass orgies and ever-more deviant sexual experiences, eventually becoming an insatiable sexual predator.

She soon created a new identity as the fearsome Madame Lollipop, named for the drugged candies see uses to sedate and seduce her victims.

Although Madame Lollipop would seem to be the epitome of innocence and purity, beneath her angelic features is a sadistic and deeply disturbed mind. Hell-bent on experiencing every carnal pleasure the world has to offer her, she has abandoned all sense of morality in the pursuit of her hedonistic desires. She has no compunctions about using her unassuming appearance to lure in unsuspecting victims. Nor does she shy away from any sexual practice, no matter how deviant.

Since her child-like stature makes guns and other conventional weapons impractical for her to handle, this devious villainess makes use of an arsenal of drugged lollipops, from which she takes her moniker. These cock-shaped candies come in a variety of shades, each color-coded to represent the different mixtures of drugs infused into them. For example the green lime lollipops contain a fatal poison that can kill in seconds, while the blueberry carries a potent tranquilizer that could knock a grown man unconscious with a single lick.

However her weapon of choice is her purplish-pink lollipop which is laced with an aphrodisiac so powerful that anyone who so much as touches it with bare skin will become a mindless toy for her to play with. The victim’s libido is amplified to such an extent that they can think of nothing more than getting off and will eagerly service Madame Lollipop to achieve release. Appropriately enough, the villainess has named this particular flavor “rape grape”.

Norasuko ~ Hentai Foundry

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    7 Responses to “The Phantom Futa vs Madame Lollipop by Norasuko”

    • bender bending rodriguez:

      5yrs old or not shes still lolita -_-

      Rapegreap was a nice touch no less

    • sarp:

      Too pedo for my tastes. I understand the whole older but looks younger thing but 12 is too young imo.

    • Nah. I’d delete this one. Not good.

    • kashk:

      I actually like this one the only thing i wonder is does that mean she only has 12 years before she dies? or will the aging backwards stop?

    • n aphrodisiac so powerful that [b]”anyone who so much as touches it with bare skin”[/b] will become a mindless toy for her to play with.

      Im sorry but that right there is way to ridiculous to even exist. Makes it extremely over powering and some people will see this character as uninteresting

    • rexxon:

      @kashk: There’s no telling for sure what will really happen to her, but so far her age-regression shows no signs of stopping. But the implication is that she will indeed die.

      @God Revan: A mind-controlling lollipop is no more “overpowering” or “ridiculous” than Joker’s laughter-inducing toxins, or Poison Ivy’s mind-controlling pheromones, or how Bane can hop himself up on steroids to gain superstrength, or Scarecrow’s hallucinogenic fear gas, or Ra’s al Ghul’s access to Lazarus Pits that can bring him back from the dead. And that’s just Batman’s rogues gallery.

      In the world of comic book superheroes, a mind-controlling lollipop is pretty small beans.

      And since Madame Lollipop is the size and strength of a young girl, she’s not going to defeat opponents with physical force. She needs a weapon to level the playing field and in this case, it’s her drugged candies.

    • kyle:

      More of madame lollipop pls

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