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The Phantom Futa vs Mey Mey aka The Red Viper

The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

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The Phantom Futa vs Mey Mey

Story by Rexxon
Art by Evulchibi

The underworld of Freedom City is thrown into chaos by the sudden appearance of what seems to be a new vigilante in town. A redheaded woman, clad in a heavy black trenchcoat has been tearing up seedy bars, drug labs and gang turf and leaving behind bruised and bloodied crooks in her wake. Soon a name begins circulating amongst the criminal element of the city, whispered in fearful tones: The Red Viper.

The rumors eventually reach the ear of the Phantom Futa and hoping to find a potential ally in the battle against crime, she sets out to find this mysterious new hero. After a few nights of searching, she manages to catch up with the Red Viper as the latter finishes beating down yet another pack of thugs.

As she observes the fighting she notes that the Red Viper’s signature trenchcoat is practically her only article of clothing. Underneath the coat the redhead’s full, firm breasts, toned figure and sleek curves are completely bared. But more interesting to the Phantom Futa is the thick, fleshy shaft of a cock slapping between the Viper’s legs.

Intrigued that she might have found another person like herself, the Phantom Futa approaches with cautious optimism, introducing herself and offering a handshake. The Red Viper smiles and extends her hand in turn.

Then there is a flash of steel and the Phantom Futa barely manages to backpedal away as a knife carves through the space she was just standing. The Red Viper’s smile turns into a predatory leer as she thumbs a control on the knife’s handle. A low hum fills the air and the blade suddenly crackles with tiny sparks of electricity.

The Phantom Futa instinctively takes to the air, trying to gain the advantage of height and distance. But she is startled to see the Red Viper crouch low to the ground and then leap, not fly, but actually leap eight feet up and tackle her back onto the concrete sidewalk.

As the two tumble apart, the Red Viper quickly rights herself and dashes forward, her electrified knife moving so swiftly it leaves ghostly arcs of light behind. The Phantom Futa dodges as best she can but on one close call the edge of the knife just grazes against her skin of her forearm. Yet the Phantom Futa still feels a jolt of pain, followed soon after by a tingling numbness spreading across her skin.

The numbness soon covers her entire arm and slowed by the dead weight of her paralyzed limb, she is only barely able to dodge the next flurry of cuts. Another graze, this time along her leg, slows her down even more. Each near-miss leads to another near-miss and soon the Phantom’s entire body is unresponsive, muscles spasming awkwardly from the repeated electric shocks.

Down to her last reserves, the Phantom Futa prepares to fire a point-blank energy blast despite the fact it will likely kill her quarry. Before she can, the Red Viper barrels forward and drives a fist into her gut, the superhuman blow winding the heroine despite her enhanced durability. Not giving the heroine a second to recover, the Viper lifts her up and brutally slams her into the hood of a parked car.

The Viper then clips something around the dazed heroine’s wrists and it takes her brain a few moments to recognize it as a pair of nullifier cuffs used to restrain superpowered criminals. Stripped of her powers, the Phantom Futa is left helpless as the Red Viper raises her strange, electrified knife for the killing blow. But it never comes. Instead the blade is embedded into the twisted hood of the car and catches the chain of the cuffs, sending bolts of electricity arcing into the Phantom’s body.

The Red Viper’s predatory smile returns and she tears apart the Phantom Futa’s costume until her holes and cock are left exposed. With one hand she begins to stroke the Phantom Futa’s cock to full erection while the other hand hauls the Phantom Futa closer by her leg. The redhead’s own cock, already hard from all the excitement, roughly pushes into the Phantom’s pussy. The Phantom can do little more than give an open-mouthed gasp as she is forced to take the Viper’s thick meat down to the hilt. Once again, without giving her prey any chance to regain her senses, the Viper roughly pulls out before slamming her entire length back in. Over and over she repeats her steady pounding, each impact sending the Phantom Futa’s body shuddering.

The jolting pain of being electrocuted and the pleasure of the Red Viper’s expert ministrations rapidly overwhelm the Phantom Futa, leaving her gasping and moaning lewdly until inevitably, shamefully, she comes in a shower of white cum.

The Phantom Futa awakens just before dawn, still reeking of sweat and sex. There is no sign of the nullifier cuffs, the strange knife or the woman who wielded both with ruthless effectiveness.

No further appearances of the new vigilante are reported and the whole incident is soon forgotten by the rest of the city, leaving only the Phantom Futa to wonder about the identity and motive of the Red Viper.

– Rexxon

Art by Evulchibi ~ Hentai Foundry
Mey Mey aka The Red Viper belongs to Amaterasu ~ Hentai Foundry

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