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The Phantom Futa vs Milk Mistress by RoMeHaMu

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The Phantom Futa vs Milk Mistress

Milk Mistress created and owned by IHeartBlank
Bio by Rexxon
Art by RoMeHaMu

Name: Milk Mistress
Secret Identity: Unknown
Aliases: None
Appearance: 5’11” tall, voluptuous body with hourglass curves, extremely large breasts constantly lactating, thick and prominent nipples, dark mocha brown skin,

The mysterious figure known as the Milk Mistress has been active since at least the 1930’s. She has appeared in numerous cities across the country and rapidly ascends to dominate the local criminal underworld. Before the authorities can make any moves against her, she vanishes without a trace for years at a time.

Born in the early years of the 20th century, Milk Mistress was a gangly and awkward youth. As she matured and her sexuality developed, she grew to be more confident in herself. She grew addicted to the sensual ecstasy and pleasures of sex, becoming more and more demanding of her partners. Soon, having a single lover was insufficient for her and she began arranging secret orgies to meet her needs.

Of all the various sexual acts she explored, her favorite was the blowjob. She discovered that she loved the feel and taste of warm, gooey cum pouring into her throat. After one orgy when she consumed a particularly large volume of semen, she woke up to find her breasts and butt had grown in size.

A few experiments revealed to her that her body grew more voluptuous with each load of cum she consumed. Furthermore, her swollen breasts began to lactate, leaking rich milk in enormous quantities. When her lovers began to suckle this alluring milk they became extremely susceptible to suggestion.

Using her seductive body and the narcotic effects of her milk, she quietly came to dominate several local crime bosses until she became the hidden ruler of every gang and mob around. She drained the wealth of these groups to fund a decadent and supremely hedonistic lifestyle. She spends most of her days surrounded by countless attractive servants, female and male alike. Each night she hosts an orgy where she feasts on the semen of her loyal cum-slaves.

Since the criminals she chooses to control are often too distracted by their addiction to her milk, they tend to neglect their illegal enterprises. Any group targeted by Milk Mistress eventually collapses, cutting of her money supply and causing her to briefly resurface and take control of another crime gang to replenish her funds.

Yet the humdrum cycle of secretly seizing control of the criminal underworld has lost its charm and Milk Mistress has set her sights on bigger things. Chief among them is securing the exquisite cum of the Phantom Futa!

Milk Mistress’ most prominent feature is her very large bosom which, thanks to the nature of her powers, remains firm and rounded despite their massive size. In addition to her almost physics-defying breasts, her lactic secretions contain a potent chemical cocktail. As potent as any drug known to science, her milk causes a state of euphoria in which the drinker is essentially mind controlled and open to any of their Mistress’ commands. The milk also acts as a combination of performance enhancer and aphrodisiac, improving the drinker’s strength, stamina, and sensitivity so that their Mistress may more easily extract their sperm. It also extends the drinker’s longevity similar to Milk Mistress herself, an added reward for their continued service.

The substance is highly addictive and withdrawal brings very painful symptoms that occur even after only a few uses. This motivates Milk Mistress’ servants to do anything it takes to please her so that they may nurse from her and receive their next fix. The symptoms of withdrawal become more dangerous with prolonged usage, transitioning from sweating and fatigue to convulsions and delirium to elevated blood pressure and may even result in cardiac arrest and death.

Her metahuman powers also allow her to digest spermatozoa in a process that somehow regenerates her body at the molecular level. This trait eliminates the normal aging process, extending her life-span significantly. In fact as long as she receives a regular infusion of sperm, she may live indefinitely. However while she may never die of old age, she appears to be physically human in all other respects.

Another possible weakness of Milk Mistress is that the older she gets, the more sperm she requires to sustain herself. She used to be sated with the service of one or a handful of cum-slaves but as the decades rolled on she needed more and more to maintain her youth. Realizing that normal men are no longer enough to keep her well-fed, Milk Mistress turns her gaze towards supermen in the hopes that they will yield enough sperm to keep her young forever.

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