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The Phantom Futa vs Mr. Medusa by 34San

The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

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The Phantom Futa vs Mr. Medusa

Bio by Rexxon
Art by 34San

Name: Mr. Medusa
Secret Identity: Nero Marques
Appearance: 6’ 0” in height, muscular build, dark purple scaled skin, thick black dreadlocks in his hair that are actually living snakes, always wears sunglasses, golden snake-like eyes, venomous fangs

Nero Marques was born in the Dead End, the poorest district of Freedom City. His father had been a gangbanger who died in a shooting. Though his mother attempted to raise him alone, she had to hold multiple jobs to earn enough money and became heavily overworked. Stress took its toll and she became severely ill. Although her illness was treatable, she could not afford to pay for the medication. She passed away and left Nero without a penny to his name at the age of ten.

The loss of his parents made Nero realize something that would shape his entire future: life is cheap. In his father’s case, his life was only worth the bullet that killed him and his mother’s life was worth less than the money needed to buy her medicine. Determined not to suffer the same fate, Nero set out to carve out a place for himself in the world.

He quickly learned to look after himself, taking odd jobs wherever he could find them. As a teenager he became a courier for the Copperhead Gang, transporting packages from the drug labs in the Dead End to distributors elsewhere in the city, using his youth to avoid suspicion from the authorities. From there he began working his way up, eventually becoming a top enforcer for the Copperheads.

A little over a decade ago, Nero was sent to oversee a smuggling operation bringing in illegally acquired relics at the city docks. Among the artifacts was the Obsidian Serpent, a sculpture of a snake carved from pure black stone that had been stolen from a temple in Greece.
While helping move the snake sculpture, Nero cut himself on one of its fangs. The next day, he discovered his skin had died and flaked off, replaced by tough leathery scales. His teeth grew sharp and pointed, and his hair became a tangle of snakes.

Initially repulsed by his transformation, Nero soon found his new form gave him enhanced strength and made him nearly-invulnerable. Although he initially used these powers to aid his job as a hired thug, he realized they could help him fulfill his greater ambitions.

He arranged a takeover of the Copperheads, killing the leader and seizing power for himself. The new Medusa Gang then began aggressively expanding. Smaller gangs were either bribed into joining or muscled out with force. The Medusas would come to dominate almost half the city’s organized crime.

Nero also invested heavily into the creation of legitimate businesses as covers for his criminal enterprises. One of his biggest moneymakers is Askelpian Pharmaceuticals, a company making new medicines to treat diseases while also manufacturing highly addictive drugs to be sold on the streets through his underworld connections.

The combination of illegal and legal income made Nero Marques a multi-millionaire and earned him a life of luxury, including an office within Endeavor Towers in Victory Square and a penthouse in Southgate.

Nero Marques presents himself to the public as the embodiment of the American Dream: a young boy from the slums overcoming a life of gang violence to become a wealthy philanthropist. Meanwhile, as Mr. Medusa he continues to rule his criminal empire with an iron grip.

In an effort to make himself appear legitimate Mr. Medusa has repeatedly tried to find a wife but has instead found a chain of failed marriages much to his frustration. Unwilling to deal with endless divorce proceedings, he petrifies his ex-wives and displays them in his private art gallery.

Mr. Medusa’s scaly skin is as tough as Kevlar, enabling him to shrug off small-arms fire. Any injury that he does sustain is quickly healed by his supernaturally fast regeneration. His incredible durability and regenerative powers have enabled him to survive countless assassination attempts including a sniper bullet to the head. By his own estimates, nothing short of decapitation will kill him for good.

He can also spit or inject paralytic venom from his fangs and is inhumanly flexible, able to contort himself to squeeze through a pipe the size of a coffee can. His arms and hands can stretch to ensnare enemies and coil around them in a crushing death-grip.

Most potent of all his abilities is his gaze which can turn any living thing to stone. His penthouse apartment has a secret gallery decorated with dozens of statues of men and women, a mixture of his enemies and ex-wives.

Mr. Medusa’s only weakness is his own petrifying gaze. To combat this, he wears dark sunglasses to restrain his powers, only removing them when he is up close and personal with his enemy.

Mr. Medusa rarely gets directly involved in his criminal operations in order to avoid being associated with illegal activity. Instead he mostly leaves his lieutenants in the Medusa Gang in charge. The Medusa Gang is one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Freedom City. Rivaled only by the Popov mafia family, the Medusas have a veritable army of street soldiers and even more threatening, a team of highly competent lawyers. Few Medusas are ever successfully convicted and any who try to cut a deal with the police are swiftly executed. The Medusa Gang also has numerous front companies that give them considerable financial and political influence, ranging from city administrators to state senators.

When Mr. Medusa is forced to personally get involved, he becomes a threat to be reckoned with.

Though he received no formal combat training, Mr. Medusa is a skilled street brawler and he makes the most of his superhuman strength, overwhelming opponents in a shower of bone-shattering blows.

Besides his immense strength and brutality in combat, his wealth gives him access to top-of-the-line military hardware including his personal sidearm the Viper. The Viper was a foreign-made prototype assault rifle that fires ultra-high density slugs and was originally meant to penetrate tank armor. Mr. Medusa has since repurposed this weapon for combating the Phantom Futa, whose durability makes common handguns useless. Although the weapon is extremely heavy and its ammunition makes it even heavier, Mr. Medusa’s strength enables him to balance and aim the Viper with one hand. Although by his own admission he is a lousy shot, the rounds it fires are so deadly that Mr. Medusa needs only graze a target to ensure they will die from shock or blood loss.

– Rexxon

Art by 34San ~ Hentai Foundry

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