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The Phantom Futa vs The Red Marquis and Bruta by Arteria

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The Phantom Futa vs The Red Marquis and Bruta

The Red Marquis and Bruta created and owned by IHeartBlank
Bios by Rexxon
Art by Arteria

Name of Organization: FEMME

An organization devoted to the basest instincts of humanity, FEMME’s most infamous activity is the kidnapping of men and women from around the world. These poor souls are brought to secret facilities where the Red Marquis’ scientists mutate and transform them into sexual playthings to be sold to wealthy clients. Slaves that orgasm at the slightest touch, slaves that are strange animal-human hybrids, slaves that cater to any perversion or fetish imaginable.

While FEMME has a strong presence in the lawless parts of Africa and Asia as well as a prominent underground presence in Europe, it does not have nearly as much pull in North and South America. Having been born at a time when much of the New World was largely nothing but European colonies, The Red Marquis had little interest in spreading his control to either continent.

A firm believer in the principle that those of superior birth should rule, he was confident that even the young United States would ultimately be a failed experiment in democracy. He was genuinely shocked when the United States grew to become a global power following the First and Second World Wars. He came to realize his miscalculation as other former colonies began to grow into independent nations with vast material wealth to be exploited.

His lesson learned, The Red Marquis is now searching for a place to use as a foothold to expand into North America and Freedom City looks well-suited for his needs…

Beyond his capabilities as an individual, The Red Marquis has access to considerable power through his criminal empire FEMME. He commands countless shell companies and businesses that funnel hundreds of millions of dollars into his bank accounts every day. This wealth in turn finances the amoral scientists that work on his genetically-engineered slaves which he sells on the black market for considerable profit. He also retains a small army of mercenaries and various thugs for hire that act as his organization’s muscle when someone needs to be beaten into line. A network of spies and informants across governments and law enforcement groups around the world provide him with huge amounts of political pull and forewarning of possible threats. With the assets of FEMME at his disposal, The Red Marquis can bully, bribe or blackmail almost anyone into submission.

Read The Red Marquis and Bruta’s bios after the jump

Arteria ~ Hentai Foundry

Name: Leo de Bassons
Secret Identity: None
Aliases: The Red Marquis
Appearance: Powerfully built, appears to be in his mid-forties, skin is dark with unusual olive-gold tone, eyes are unique violet, typically seen wearing wear-tailored if somewhat archaic clothing

In the days of the Renaissance, when scientist and artist alike became fascinated with the wonders of the human body, a hidden European cabal began to study bloodlines in an effort to breed the ultimate human being. They hoped that this ideal man, possessed of a perfect body and refined mind would lead the world through rational thought and usher in a golden age of science and reason.

Operating with a crude understanding of genetics, this shadowy group carefully bred together various men and women over the course of centuries. The collective political and economic power the cabal wielded enabled them to apply significant pressure to ensure the proper marriages were made. As time passed, their understanding of genetic inheritance developed further though they kept their discoveries hidden from the world. Each new generation of the cabal would carry on the work of their forefathers, carefully refining their techniques and adding to a shared repository of knowledge for their own descendants to study from.

Like a gardener tending to a plant, the cabal slowly trimmed away any undesirable traits. Sometime in the 1800’s their meticulously planned project came to a final disastrous end when their perfect human, Leo de Basson, came of age.

Physically, Leo was everything they had dreamed of. The centuries of careful breeding had produced a singularly beautiful specimen of humanity. As a boy he had delicate and innocent features, described by some members of the cabal as an angel made flesh. As a man, he grew into a strapping figure, tall and muscled like a Greek god.

His mind was demonstrated to be as perfect as his body. He had only to hear his tutors give a lesson once to comprehend and remember it. By the time he was a teenager he had begun correcting his teachers’ mistakes and pointing out which sections of the relevant texts had the proper information.

However there was one aspect of their experiment that the cabal had forgotten to consider: morality.

Despite his considerable talents, or indeed perhaps because of them, Leo developed a deep sense of entitlement and arrogance. While every previous child had been ingrained with a strong sense of right and wrong, Leo’s awareness of his abilities and status as the idealized man led him to consider himself totally superior to the rest of humanity. He saw no reason why he should waste his time and energies with the tedium of enlightening the world. After all, if he was the perfect human being, then that meant the rest of mankind existed to serve his whims and desires.

Leo kept these rebellious thoughts to himself, playing the loyal son to his masters in the cabal while secretly spinning a plan together. He knew that the cabal’s reach was vast and that if he moved against any one member, the rest would swiftly discover his actions and retaliate in kind.

At last the preparations were complete after years of planning. In a single night, Leo arranged sixteen near-simultaneous assassinations across the whole of Europe, killing the grandmasters of the cabal. With their leadership decapitated, the remaining members were left confused and scattered. Leo took advantage of the chaos to quietly seize control of the considerable assets of each grandmaster for himself. Once he had secured his prize, he promptly slew the rest of the community that had raised him.

Leo de Bassons renamed himself “The Red Marquis” in mocking remembrance of the blood he spilt to achieve his goals.

With the money he stole, he set about building his empire of greed and so FEMME was born.

Recently, the Marquis has taken an interest in the growing population of superhumans and hopes to steal the secrets of their powers for himself.

His genome sculpted by centuries of careful breeding, Leo’s body is an expression of the utmost limits of the human form. While his strength and stamina on par with any athlete, Leo eschews physical combat and instead sends others to do his dirty work when needed.

Leo also possesses a powerful intellect, being a meticulous planner and creative thinker. While he qualifies as a near-genius intellect, his arrogance keeps him from truly fulfilling his potential. In his youth he had tutors who gave him a strict regimen of study in all areas including art, chemistry, physics, mathematics, philosophy, military strategy and so on. Nowadays, Leo is of the opinion that if a subject is boring then it is of no use to him and instead orders one of his servants take care of such matters when needed. Because he no longer studies or keeps up with the latest developments in science and technology, much of his knowledge is out of date. Nonetheless, he is a cunning individual and has ruled FEMME unopposed for over a century. In addition, having stolen the cabal’s research, his understanding of genetics is roughly on par with that of the modern day.

Although he lacks the gene that produces metahuman powers, the genetic breeding program enacted by the cabal gave Leo the curious ability to consciously control his metabolism. He can slow it down dramatically until he can survive for months without food or water or accelerate it so his body harmlessly breaks down poisons and rapidly heals injuries. In addition, his body has demonstrated considerable resistance to the effects of aging, leaving him perpetually looking as though he is in healthy middle age.


Name: Bruta
Secret Identity: None
Aliases: None
Appearance: Heavily muscled, blue eyes, naturally blonde hair altered to purple color in vitro, facial features are rougher due to mutation

The Red Marquis’ latest priority has been to unlock the secrets of the metagene that provides many superhumans with their incredible abilities. He has ordered the scientists of FEMME to study the metagene in order to harness that power for his own agenda.

However the world’s superheroes and villains proved to be somewhat difficult to study. Most heroes had well-kept secret identities and the supervillains were no less agreeable to submitting to FEMME’s experiments.

Unable to obtain DNA samples from his desired test subjects, The Red Marquis’ plans were stymied until he learned of a new superhuman operating in Freedom City. She called herself the Phantom Futa and the nature of her powers meant that her genetic material was in ample supply.

After secretly visiting the sites of the Phantom Futa’s battles and collecting the genetic material left behind, FEMME’s scientists were able to create a clone of the powerful young heroine. They then began tinkering with her genome in an attempt to produce a superior superhuman. However their experiments resulted in a severe mutation occurring during the cloning, resulting in a near-mindless powerhouse.

The clone was soon christened “Bruta” by the FEMME scientists who created her.

Despite technically being a failure, Bruta demonstrated she could be very useful in limited situations when overwhelming force is required.

Like her genetic donor, the Phantom Futa, Bruta’s powers increase as she becomes aroused. To take advantage of this trait, FEMME placed a neural chastity collar around her neck. The collar suppresses her body’s ability to orgasm, leaving her painfully at the edge of climax ever since her creation.

Having been kept at near-bursting from blue balls, Bruta’s strength and durability are significantly greater than the Phantom Futa’s. The frustration of being so deprived of release has also made Bruta extremely aggressive, barreling into combat and wrecking anything in her path. In addition, since she is left physically unable to cum, Bruta lacks the Phantom Futa’s weakness of losing her powers after orgasm.

Strangely, Bruta does not possess the Phantom Futa’s other powers of flight and energy projection. However her immense strength, single-minded obedience and her bloodthirsty rage make her an already dangerous opponent.

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