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The Phantom Futa vs Waterworks – Art by C0RROS1ON

The Phantom Futa at Futanari Obsession

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This artwork was funded by Patreon backers

Name: Waterworks
Secret Identity: Amee Nayar
Aliases: None
Appearance: 5’ 8”, toned body, large and muscular thighs, large bust and rear, deep tan skin, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes

Even amongst a rogues’ gallery rife with metahumans, mutants and alien dictators the supervillain known as Waterworks manages to stand out as having a truly bizarre power.

There are plenty of superheroes and villains who are classified as being hydrokinetics; able to manipulate water or liquids with their mind. Yet Waterworks is unique in that she possesses the ability to squirt impossibly huge volumes of fluid from her pussy and subsequently manipulate that fluid to suit her needs. Often times the amount she produces in this manner is greater than the total liquid content of the human body. Indeed sometimes the liquid generated is many times greater than her own body mass. Where this liquid comes from is unknown, though chemical analysis reveals it is identical to normal vaginal lubrication.

Waterworks’ hydrokinetic ability only seems to apply to this fluid she generates, though she is capable of both incredible raw power and finesse. She can entrap enemies in bubbles of fluid or form concussive blasts that can knock down bolted doors or thin streams that can wind their way into bank vaults. With this power she has managed to stage literal crime waves across the country, roaming from place to place and wreaking havoc wherever she goes.

While Waterworks does have a finite amount of liquid she can produce at any given time, that amount is enough to cause a small-scale flood. The most effective way to defeat her is to evaporate her juices but that can take a very, VERY long time.

– Rexxon

Art by C0RROS1ON ~ Hentai Foundry

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