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The Phantom Futa’s car in Forza for XBox 360 by An34syT4rg3t

The Phantom Futa's car in Forza Motorsport 3 for Xbox 360 by An34syT4rg3t

The Phantom Futa's car in Forza Motorsport 3 by An34syT4rg3t

I honestly never thought there would be this much fan made Phantom Futa content but I guess you guys really like her huh? The newest contribution to the “Holy shit that’s so fucking cool” category on Futanari Obsession is brought to us by the very talented gamer, An34syT4rg3t.  After being inspired by The Phantom Futa’s car in a rendering by Sticky (see it HERE) An34syT4rg3t decided to recreate the car in Forza Motorsport 3 for the XBox 360 using a Lotus Exige Cup 240. I can’t believe how good it looks and the best part is he made it so that anyone can download the design for free!

Ok, I don’t play racing games too often (I am very excited about Motorstorm Apocalypse for the PS3 though) so here are the instructions for how to download it. Keep in mind it’s just the design, you need your own Lotus Exige Cup 240 to put it on 😉

My gamertag is An34syT4rg3t and the design is on the Forza Marketplace for free.

You go to the storefront tab on the main menu and search for a design. You can specify the make, model, and price. Also while narrowing these options down you and hit the “x” button to add a text description. In this box you should type “Phantom Futa” or “”. That will bring you to the design and from there you can select the “view owners storefront” option to download it.

Thanks An34syT4rg3t and happy racing everyone!

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