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The Phantom Futa’s Workout by VincentCC

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“Six-hundred fifty-five. Six-hundred…oooh…fifty-six. Uhhh…Shit….Six-hundred and fifty…fifty-seven…”

The Phantom Futa struggled to concentrate on her counting and not the boiling heat in her groin or the aching sensitivity of her shaft. She kept her gaze fixed upwards towards one of the overhead lights. She made certain not to look down at her balls which were hugely swollen with their thick creamy contents or her cock which was an alarming shade of red and covered in bulging veins.

The nubile heroine had positioned herself before a strange contraption that was bolted into the wooden floor of her private workout room. Her body rested on a cushioned pad while her legs were splayed wide apart to allow entry for a thick purple dildo. A compact but powerful piston drove the dildo back and forth in a perfectly steady rhythm, sliding in and out of her pussy with mechanical precision.

“Six-hundred…six-hundred fifty-eight. Six-hundred fifty-nine…”

Once word had hit the streets that she would be temporarily depowered after an orgasm, it seemed every supervillain was doing something to take advantage of her superhuman sex drive. After the latest near-miss with one of her enemies, she had decided it was time to work towards eliminating her weakness.

“Six-hundred sixty-two…Six-hundred sixty-three…”

Every twenty or so strokes, the piston would push a little further and a little bit more of the dildo would slip past her moist folds and into her channel. The change was so small as to be almost imperceptible to the eye, but for the Phantom Futa’s hypersensitive pussy, every millimeter felt like a whole foot.

“Six-hundred sixty-eight…Six-hundred sixty-nine…Six-hundred seven-”

The Phantom Futa bit her lower lip and her whole frame shuddered as she struggled to restrain herself. But all her self-control crumbled before the immense pressure that was welling up in her balls.

Finally she could hold out no longer.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” she screamed, raw frustration and need thick in her voice. Her pussy clamped down hard on the dildo with a moist squelch and the faint sound of crumpling plastic could be heard as superhuman muscles crushed the plastic phallus.

There was a pair of sharp snaps as the plastic bands around her cock tore apart. Freed of its restraints, her cock spewed a torrent of jizz into the air. Her cum flew in thick milky streamers, glinting in the harsh white lights of the workout room before falling back down to earth.

The Phantom Futa laid there panting heavily as the deluge of cum splattered over her, covering her body in criss-crossing lines of hot white seed.

Slowly, her senses returned to her. Shaking her head to shake off the warm tingling of her post-orgasm haze the Phantom Futa realized her failure.

With a snarl, she yanked the dildo free of its mounting and inspected it. The front end of the shaft had been compacted into a gnarled, twisted shape. It resembled a piece of modern art more than a sex toy.

“Dammit, I was so close! One away from beating my last record,” the Phantom Futa growled angrily.

She stood up on shaky legs and unsteadily wobbled her way to a small storage closet. The soft pattering of cum dripping off her glistening body and trickling out of her pussy went ignored.

Inside the closet, arranged neatly on a shelf were several dozen dildos, identical to the one she held in her hand. After discarding the old one, the Phantom Futa grabbed a fresh dildo and returned to her workout machine.

With an ease born from repetition, the Phantom Futa slotted the new dildo into place and laid herself back down onto the pad. She braced herself with one hand while the other switched on the machine and then guided the fat head of the shaft towards her netherlips.

As her arousal flared up again, her regenerative powers began kicking in, restoring her stretched hole to almost virginal tightness. Wincing slightly as the large member entered her once-again snug channel, the Phantom Futa resumed her workout.


– Rexxon

Art by VincentCC ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Blogspot

1920 x 1080 ~ 1366 x 768 ~ 1280 x 800 ~ 1024 x 768

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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