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The Purple Phantom by StickyMon

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The Purple Phantom

Story by Rexxon
Art by StickyMon

Though the Phantom Futa has never admitted it to anyone, not even to herself, she often feels very lost.

She knows that she is doing good and saving lives with her powers. She feels in her heart that being a superhero is what she was meant to do. But sometimes, usually after an exhausting night of fighting crime, she wonders who she is. She wonders why she can’t really remember anything earlier than a few years ago when she started her career as a superhero. Sometimes when she looks in the mirror, she sees someone else looking back at her.

She catches glimpses of a young woman, clad all in purple. A confident smile graces her full lips and a domino mask cut from a scrap of cloth crosses over her eyes. A tight-fitting hoodie clings to her slim form, the zipper opened daringly low to show off an inviting channel of cleavage. Makeshift armor scrounged up from what looks like old hockey equipment is strapped over her body. This combined with her triumphant pose gives her the appearance of a medieval knight, lost in time.

The Phantom Futa sees this woman and feels a strange connection to her. And she suddenly feels very alone.

– Rexxon

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    4 Responses to “The Purple Phantom by StickyMon”

    • IHeartBlank:

      Oooh a mystery! Great pic!

    • Monkjack:

      Really cool story man. And is it just me or does the reflection look like grown up hit girl?

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @Monkjack – She was definitely inspired by that

    • ThisGuy:

      Whoa! Saw this pop up in the “Random Futas” section. Hadn’t seen it before. I love this picture, especially the old armor. I also love the story, hoever it fills me with a feeling of deep longing, and sadness. Strange.

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