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Three Faces of Trapdom – Art and Story by Majalis

Three shemales fucking each other in the ass - Transgender Hentai at

“Well, well, well. What do we have here? Seems you two found a way to work out your frustrations. I’m sure my invite just got lost in the mail. Oh no, don’t stop on my account! Keep doing what you were doing. Which, maybe it’s the angle, but it kinda looks like you’re playing a game of hide the salami in Sammy’s poophole. Is that right, Sammy? Is Blondie slipping you the salami?”
You both seem to be enjoying it.

“Sammy, I hope you don’t mind me cutting in with your dance partner. Oh, I’m going to scoop you out good.”

“Oh you little slut, you do it just to tempt me, don’t you?”
“N-no, I just like doggy style…”
“Yeah, yeah. You like it alright. Right up the butt.”
“No, I’m not g…”
“Don’t even bother to lie. I’m about to prove you wrong anyway. It’s time you embraced your inner catamite. Although I guess in your case that’s all of you. Here I come!”
“W-wait! Lube! Condom.”
“Oh no. I’m not giving you a chance to finish like last time. And besides, I don’t see you wearing one, so if Sammy’s getting a love enema, so are you.”

“What’s the matter? Keep thrusting, or Sammy’s gonna get bored. Go on, fuck yourself on me! Mmm… oh shush. I know you. You’ve got a floppy pool noodle until you’ve got one punching your girl button. Poor Sammy. You’re probably impaling them right now. I guess that’s what you call a traumatic insemination.”
“I… nngh…”
“Fine, keep yourself in balls-deep. Sammy’ll have to get off on your twitching while I pound your butt.”

“I’m… gonna cum!”
“Go ahead! I’ll just make you hard again! Neither of you are going anywhere until I’m satisfied! I’m gonna breed you so hard that Sammy’s gonna get pregnant! Last one to cum three times gets double teamed by the other two! Spitroast or double up in the butt, winner’s choice! For the record… I’m about to get to one!”

“Oh… Blondie… was that your second shot? At this rate, Sammy and I are going to find some innovative uses for your holes… but that’s what you want, isn’t it? Hey, Sammy, how about you and I give Blondie here a good stretching?”

“How do you like riding cowgirl? Wait, you like it from behind, right? Get over here, Sammy. I think it’s time Little Miss Blondie got the double stuff.”

– Majalis

Art and story by Majalis ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ Tumblr ~ Patreon

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