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Thyrah reference sheet by SlaveOfNewOrder

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Everybody, meet the newest addition to the SoNO mansion: the incubus Thyrah. Pronounced TEE-RAH.

Points of interest:
– Thyrah has but one endeavour: helping others relieve themselves of their pent up sexual frustration aka….. being a pleasure toy
– Excessively submissive. Leaving him in charge will probably lead to a rather….. dissatisfying experience
– Peculiarly shaped tail
– Pseudo breasts with inverted nipples
– Thick and large pierced tongue he likes to use
– Enormous rear and puffy butt hole
– Fat stubby penis and large testicles
– Foreskin can be rolled back but will revert if left unattended due to phimosis
– Has a thing for ornamented jewelry

No he is not transgender, he does not see himself as a woman. Also, those are slightly larger than average man boobs just deal with it, he’s an incubus XDD

– SlaveOfNewOrder

Here’s another character sheet for you all to enjoy. I know Thyrah is a guy, but look at those hips and that ass! Goddaaaaamn. I don’t know about you all, but I’d go balls deep in a heartbeat.

Art by SlaveOfNewOrder ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog

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