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Tight FIT by Aeolus

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Wow! That’s some serious positive motivation there!

Lauren’s already in pretty great shape judging by her toned and shapely rear and lovely long legs. But hey, it is important to exercise every part of your body! So she’s recruited the Wii Fit trainer lady to help strengthen her pelvic muscles. And what better way for a futa to do that than to do some serious thrusting?

On the other hand, Lauren’s sweating up a storm and really gritting her teeth. And can you blame her? She’s just done sixty thrusts into the trainer’s tight ass and she’s still got to finish another sixty reps to go before she can cum! That’s one serious case of blueballs there!

Hang in there Lauren! You can do it!

– Rexxon

Art and Lauren by Aeolus ~ Hentai Foundry

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