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Tikka The Shaman by SlaveOfNewOrder

Transgender Tribal Babe at

A new year……. a new…… character. Yes. Yes this is happening. This year is gonna be full of new character aswell I can already see it XP

Some of you might remember the trade I did with Yamiikarus of their character Una. Well this here is my personal contribution to their Amazon Half-Beast race: Tikka the Shaman.

Despite being a male member of the tribe Tikka does not participate in any hunts, her main task is to tend to the tribes females and the sick and injured while the males are out for the hunt. As such, Tikka is often treated as a female by the other males and she has developed a particular fondness of cum.

The Amazon Half-Beasts belong to Yamiikarus are an open race, so feel free to hit em up and become a part of the tribe ;3

– SlaveOfNewOrder

Art by SlaveOfNewOrder ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog ~ Tumblr
Tikka The Shaman belongs to SlaveOfNewOrder

Transgender Tribal Babe at

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