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Tonks and Hermione by Extro

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I am a major fan of Harry Potter, and have only recently begun looking at erotic images based on the series. Finding this one was a large highlight of my day. Although, if seeing slight bestiality is an issue for you, you may want to go to the next image.

It has the lovely Tonks, who has – either her pussy or ass filled with a thick cock, belonging to, I’m assuming Lupin, and her cock is being sucked by the talented mouth of Hermione Granger.

So basically, we have a sexy little threesome with two of my favorite female characters from the series and a man transformed into an animal, all tangled together in a sexy, erotic menage.

Tonks appears to be the center of the triangle, her cock inside Hermione’s mouth, and Lupin’s cock pushing into her. I can only imagine that her wand is set to vibrate as it’s stuffed inside Hermione’s pussy, causing her to get nice and slick, in preparation – hopefully to be filled with a nice thick cock. The artist has really made the nipples on the girls stand out, almost lifelike, begging to be sucked and nibbled. Lupin’s paw resting on Tonks’ leg, pulling it up and allowing his cock to go deeper into Tonks, and her cock to go further into Hermione’s mouth, hopefully into her throat, maybe making her gag delicately around it.

If only I was there in that room, listening to the moans and whimpers of everyone involved. God – my pussy would be drenched from watching, hearing, wanting to join, if only to clean everyone up at the end. I mean, they would all be covered in sticky cum, and someone need to clean it up. I totally volunteer for that job.

But, for now, I will go off, and dream about this image for a few hours, my hand buried between my legs. Enjoy this lovely image everyone! *Smiles and waves to everyone as she exits from stage left.*

– Panda-Girl

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