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Oh man, Nikcesco really outdid himself on this one. Just look at all those shines and reflections on this catgirl’s latex…err…”catsuit”

The suit might cover everything from the neck down, but it doesn’t hide a damn thing!

You can clearly see the huge firm swells of her boobs and even make out the raised spots where her fat nipples are poking through the latex! Girl’s clearly got some muscle to her too! You can see her biceps and her amazingly tight looking legs and butt!

And then we come to her cock! Growing harder and harder, but stuck underneath an unyielding layer of latex, her cock is making a very conspicuous bulge that’s straining to get free! Look at that beer-can thick monster! Not to mention the hefty pair of balls she’s got crammed into that little pouch.

Oh god, can you imagine your cock just stuffed into those tight confines? A boner would feel soooo good and yet soooo agonizing! You’d feel your cock growing harder, but it would be forced to crawl underneath the latex, and no matter how hard you get you can’t get your cock free! And your balls would be trapped too! They’d be all swollen and filled full of cum but squeezed gently by the confines of the suit. And worst of all you wouldn’t be able to jack off to relieve some of your horniness because the suit’s in your way!

Uh oh, speaking of horniness, it looks like she’s getting all hot and bothered being squeezed into that skintight suit. We better peel her out of there, don’t you think? 😉

– Rexxon

Nikcesco ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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