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Treats plz… or else by GunnmX and Suumunster

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Alright, I gotta say this straight up…

I fucking LOVE GunnmX’s art!

He does jaw-droppingly, pants-tighteningly, mind-blowingly sexy ladies with outrageous tits, curvaceous asses, and delicious dicks! (I’m using sesquipedalian loquaciousness so you know I’m being serious)

And this time around GunnmX has partnered up with the magnificent Suumunster to produce a wonderful Halloween treat: their original characters Rae and Adoriabelle dressed as Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum! OK, so maybe it’s a little late but something this sexy is appropriate for all seasons!

These two titanic artists first sketched the piece out together. Gunn did Rae, lovingly tracing her lovely muscles, the grand canyon of her cleavage, the tiny little piercings decorating her ear and the warm cock-sock. Suu did Adoriabelle’s petite (but no less sexy) form rocking her dress and crown and hungrily licking her lips for a messy Halloween snack. Gunn went over the lines and Suu then applied the colors, setting the soft moonlight cascading gently over the smooth planes of Rae’s magnificent boobs and the hypnotic green glow of Adoriabelle’s eyes. Just…gorgeous!

I will admit I haven’t the foggiest clue how Rae’s top is staying on…I think it may just be hanging off her massive boobs. Which just makes the picture even hotter! I also don’t know how Adoriabelle’s cute body is going to handle the huge cock Rae’s sporting but I imagine these naughty ladies will find a way.

So I wish a belated Happy Halloween, to all! And hope that like Rae and Adoriabelle, you managed to get a little holiday mischief! ūüėČ


GunnmX ~ Hentai Foundry ~ tumblr

Suumunster ~ Hentai Foundry

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    3 Responses to “Treats plz… or else by GunnmX and Suumunster”

    • Bender Bending rodriguez:

      lovin the cock-sock
      im guessing the pink haire… waitaminute hold the phone and the mayo! i think thats princess bublegum and the marceline from adventure time O_O HOTdamn! *reads description* -_- im such a derp sometimes

      poor bublegum… her hips look like she just went a few rounds with that python the way shes all doubled over almost and marcaline is having to hold her up… just saying that could be the case

    • DMJ:

      Definitely agree with bender on this one. The cock sock is just unbearably sexy

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