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Vanilla Burst by AnimeFlux

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That’s quite a cannon Amber has between her legs, isn’t it? And apparently her cum can taste like anything she wants it to. Here’s what Masterchefguy (the owner of these two characters) had to say about this piece:

Funny story en regard to the title, since Amber’s body is prosthetic, she could (in theory) add flavor to her umm, already creamy goodness…I was toying with two options; either strawberry or vanilla actually, I think that this work has locked in the vanilla (Amber’s bondmate, Jade, can be the source of strawberry flavor. Strawberries and cream for the finish after being doubled teamed by two futas? Yeah, that’d be quite awesome I guess).

Yum! I love the idea of robotic sex toys. You can do so much with the concept. I just hope I live to see the day when this is the norm. I would totally pay top dollar for my own futanari sex robot with flavored cum. Ahhh the future…

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    9 Responses to “Vanilla Burst by AnimeFlux”

    • Jimmy:

      Yeah i’d be all over a futa sex robot if they were this good! That is one thick jizz cannon 😉

    • Lu:

      That would very much come in handy for those morning coffee routines.

      The only problem I see is a rise in cum-hipsters. “I was a cumslut before it all tasted like Baskin Robbins!”

    • Anon:

      Instant boner

    • Nice…I’d grab the robot from behind and pump her with my dick until she’d burts out her cum from her juicy cannon!

    • Actually, robot implies that her existence would be completely synthetic and would most likely not be capable of cognizant thought, where as cyborg is a much more appropriate term, which implies that she was at one point in time, fully human. In fact, she’s still quite human, but I digress.

    • Lol, I love all the “cannon” comments. Originally I hadn’t intended to draw her cock so big, but it was actually my wife who looked at the sketch and proclaimed “make it huge”!
      As usual, I’m glad I listened to her! 😀

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @AnimeFlux – I’m glad you did too!

    • AmberAdmirer:

      I love the Amber’s Encounters series and based on the glasses and redhead-edness of her lover, I’m guessing that’ Mey Mey? Though it could just be a mental comparison.

    • AmberAdmirer:

      Oh, never mind. I just realized she has blue eyes. D’oh

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