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Videogame Addiction by Whitebox

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You know I love videogames as much as the next person. The Playstation 2 was my life for a while and now I quite enjoy gaming on PC. I’ve sunk countless hours into the minutiae of my favorite games and have wasted more time than I care to admit chasing after that one fucking achievement you can never get.

But still, if you love videogames to the point you masturbate using a controller’s vibrate function or use a joystick as a literal joystick and you have to keep your game running while your get yourself off…yeah you might have a problem lady XD

I recommend you go out of your room and get laid. Immediately.

I mean there’s nothing wrong with you. You’ve got a pretty face, some nice perky tits with big tater-tot sized nipples, a sweet cock and matching balls and a tight lil’ pussy. You could take your pick of the litter of potential lovers!

Go out there and find a nice boy…or girl…or both…

– Rexxon

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