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Virgin Killer Meryl – Art by Dmitrys

Hey gang! (Or, whomever is still coming here)
It’s been awhile since I updated the site…a long while. I wish I could say that I was off somewhere cool, like training to become a sorcerer supreme in Tibet, or fighting aliens in another galaxy, but alas it wasn’t anything so exciting. In fact, these couple of years weren’t all that great in general. I went down a pretty dark hole, and only with the help of my friends and family did I survive. Metaphorically speaking and, you know, not metaphorically speaking.

But that’s all I’m going to say on that subject matter. For now, at least. See, I’m in a better place these days, and I don’t want to bring that vibe back here with me. Honestly, I just want to talk about some sexy transgender art. It’s been awhile since I’ve surfed the old haunts so I figured I’d start some place easy, Hentai Foundry. Boy, has that sure changed!

Anyways, I came across this piece by Dmitrys and figured it would be a perfect way to dip my toes back into the pool. Plus, it gives me a great excuse for someone to please explain the whole “virgin killer” sweater thing that’s being going around the interwebs. All my favorite cosplayers are wearing it (not that I mind lol). Help a brother out and leave a comment!

By now everyone is pretty familiar with my love for Dmitrys artwork. If not, feel free to click on the tag below and get to reading! The one thing that really makes this piece jump out for me, though, is how Meryl’s pre-cum is making her sweater wet and almost translucent. That’s a fantastic detail that makes me lick my lips in anticipation. I would give anything to swallow the load Meryl is building up in those balls of hers!

Art by Dmitrys ~ Website
Meryl belongs to Dmitrys

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