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Visit to Aunt Stacey’s House by KamiNitro

Visit to Aunt Stacey's House by KamiNitro

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Oh wow, I really wish Stacey was my aunt – I’d be over at her house all the fucking time.

“Honey, where are you off to?”
“Don’t worry mom, I’m going to be at Aunt Stacey’s house today!”
“Have fun.”
“Oh I’ll have fun…a whole lot of fun. Mwahahahahahahaha”
“What was that dear?”
“Ummm nothing…Bye!”

That would be the daily conversation. Then when I got to Aunt Stacey’s house, and she answered the door like this, I would be all over those tits and that cock in a heartbeat. You would have to pry me off of her with a damn crowbar! Can you blame me though? Just look at KamiNitro’s rendering – So colorful and full of futa goodness. Mmmmmm mmm delicious!

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