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Warranty Repair by Ahnfien

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CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

Hello? Yes, I’d like to return this new controller I just bought for my game console.

Why? Well it’s just not working properly. Be more specific? Uhh, ok.

Well for one thing, the two primary buttons? Yeah, the big red ones. They’re way too sensitive. I just tap them and the controller starts going haywire.

And the control stick? It’s got the opposite problem. It’s really hard and rigid. I really have to work it to get any kind of response out of it. Yeah, the little bumps and grooves feel good under my hand. It’s definitely very comfortably shaped. But it’s waaay too stiff. Not to mention the vibrator function needs tuning.

What’s that? Oh, my warranty allows me to get it repaired for free? AND it entitles me to a second controller?

Sweet! Thanks very much for your help!

– Rexxon

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