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Watamaraka Pinup by SlaveOfNewOrder

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John Milton wrote “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.”

To which I would like to add a big, fat “DUH!”

Take this demonic beauty for instance! She may be damned to dwell in sulfurous flames and the deepest pits of the underworld for all eternity, but she’s going to look damn sexy doing it!

She’s got the kind of Cheshire grin that says “My junk is fucking huge!” and it is! So. Amazingly. Deliciously. Huge! She got some impressive control of that tail too, using it to jerk herself off while her hands remain free. Probably to play with those bouncy tits spilling out of her corset!

Mmmm! Eternal damnation’s looking pretty good right now!

– Rexxon

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