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Welcome To Freedom City by Itaquera

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Welcome To Freedom City

Story by Rexxon
Art by Itaquera

Of all the places I’ve visited across the world and of all the superheroes I’ve encountered, few have left as strong an impression on me as Freedom City and its unorthodox protector, the Phantom Futa.

The first unusual experience I had occurred soon after I stepped off my plane. I was passing through the terminal when I noticed a young woman standing in the center of the arrivals lobby. She looked to be about college-age and was quite pretty. She was wearing a tight-fitting blouse that showed off the round fullness of her breasts. She saw me approach and greeted me with a smile. I smiled back and tried not to gawk at her large chest.

She waved me over then turned around and bent down to pick up a basket on the small stand behind her. I felt my eyes nearly bug out of my head when I saw her skirt hike up, revealing the smooth curve of her rear as well as a rather hefty scrotum and the dangling shaft of a penis. She? He? turned back around to pass me the basket and leaned forward, revealing a deep valley of cleavage nestled in the soft, thin material of her? his? top. I managed to recompose myself, expressed my thanks for the basket and left before I could say anything embarrassing.

I hailed a cab outside and as we drove into the city proper, I inspected the gift basket and found an assortment of scented soaps and hard candies along with maps and travel brochures to various city attractions. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then I noticed a half-dozen colorful squeeze bottles bundled together in plastic wrap. Inspecting the bottles, I found that they contained edible lubricants in a rainbow of flavors. I rummaged deeper into the basket and found a package of condoms ranging from “normal” to “jumbo XXXtra-large”, what looked to be a coupon book for an escort service, and a string of large beads…

I remember laughing aloud at the surreal weirdness of it all. Then a flash of light caught my eye. I looked out the window and saw a huge welcome sign, proudly inviting me into Freedom City. Beyond that were dazzling arrays of neon that lit up the night. Hotels and clubs, casinos and bars, theaters and restaurants all clamored for my attention with their garish, eye-catching displays.

As my cab came closer to the welcome sign, I noticed a figure standing near the sign’s base. She was clad in a skintight blue costume that hugged her perky breasts in a very alluring way and her long hair was a deep purple in color. But what immediately caught my gaze was the proud, hard erection she was sporting between her shapely thighs.

I recognized the Phantom Futa of course, but I assumed it was just an actor. Someone using a costume and a prop penis to impersonate the city’s local hero for publicity. The lookalike locked gazes with me for an instant. She winked at me and licked her lips, giving them a moist sheen. There was a hunger in her eyes that was intense enough to make me blush and avert my eyes until I had driven past.

By the time I reached my hotel I had managed to shrug off the weirdness of my first hour in Freedom City, if only because the second hour was turning even stranger.

I checked in at the front desk, purposely ignoring how the receptionist at the front desk was wearing a formal suit with an incongruously low neckline and seemed to lean a lot further forward than necessary while taking my credit card. In the elevator to the tenth floor I stared at the doors to avoid looking at the short but cute maid with a very frilly, very short skirt as she shuffled bundles of fresh towels on her cart. It was around the sixth floor that her bouncy motions caused her skirt to flip up entirely. I got an eyeful of her tanned backside and lacy black panties so thin that there was no doubt to me that she was all woman. I looked up and saw that she had noticed my staring, but rather than be disgusted or alarmed she smiled and hooked a finger into her panties. She drew them down until they hung around her knees and I saw the soft pink lips of her labia. Some distant part of my mind noted how she was clean-shaven, with not a single hair visible. Then the elevator dinged and the maid smoothly replaced her undergarments before walking out with her cart. As the doors slid closed I saw her wave coquettishly at me.

Suddenly feeling very pent-up I practically ran to my room once the elevator stopped. I had just set down my bags when someone knocked on my door. I peered through the peephole and was greeted by a vision in blue.

It was the Phantom Futa impersonator I had seen entering the city. I don’t know exactly why I did it, but I felt compelled to let her in. She stepped inside my modest room, hips rocking from side to side. With a casual kick of her foot she shut the door again.

As the lock clicked into place, she pressed me up against the wall and planted her lips on mine. I hesitated for the barest instant before returning the kiss. The large member that I had thought was a silicone prop was rubbing against my own erection, warm and very obviously the real deal. Without breaking from our embrace we stumbled into the bed.

I won’t go into the dirty details of the events that followed. However I will disclose that the gift basket of sexual accoutrements was put to good use and leave the rest to your imaginations.

Quite a while later, the two of us were laying on the (very wet and very sticky) bed feeling thoroughly exhausted and content. The post-coital serenity was broken when I noticed a commotion outside and stepped onto the balcony to see what was going on. The blare of sirens rang in my ears and I saw a chain of police cruisers and fire trucks racing through the streets below.

I heard the rustle of bedsheets from behind me and saw that my lover was putting on her costume again. Once she had slipped back into her spandex outfit she joined me on the balcony. She leaned in close to give me a kiss on the cheek, surprisingly chaste considering the antics we had been up to mere minutes ago.

As she pulled out of the kiss she grinned and said to me, “Thanks for the great night sweetheart, but duty calls!” Then she climbed onto the guardrail and before I could do anything to stop her, she jumped from the balcony. Instead of plummeting to the ground as I had feared she would, she simply floated in place.

She started hovering away, but paused and turned in midair to look back at me. She smiled warmly at me again and called out across the distance.

“Oh! And enjoy your stay in Freedom City!”

And with that, she rocketed off into the night sky…

-Excerpt from Rex Stoutman’s travel guide, “101 Cities and their Superheroes”

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    4 Responses to “Welcome To Freedom City by Itaquera”

    • FutAfaN:

      i read it all, and unfortunately there’s no Phantom Futa in my city to please me and my erection at this same moment. and i bet that basket would definitely come into a very good use, especially with Phantom Futa, or any other futa.
      ps: preferrably futasketcher’s futa, or uno makoto’s futa. ^^

    • purgy:

      I so want Phantom Futa in my city for all the right and kinky reasons what so every moment.

    • Unoriginal:

      Ah, if only Freedom City was a real place, or at least the Phantom Futa was a real person.

    • I want to go to Freedom city! Her body is the only attraction is what I want to see!

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