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Which Gun? This Gun?

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“This gun? These guns? or THIS Gun~ hehe” – Makkito asking someone nose rub worthy.

“Wuaaah the body shapes are too sexual, change them wuaaah” – Bitchy White Knights and not so “fellow” women. =\ Everyone’s got their tastes, just don’t bitch about theirs. -sagenod-

Anyway, this is a little more naughtied up Makkito showing off her goods. In combat she uses Tech to shrink her “Goodies” to be able to fight more effective. But when not in ass kick mode, she’s letting all of her glory show.

Go ahead and call her a slut, you won’t get past the “S” before your jaw is set on fire by her lightning quick reaction and her spellslinger guns. There’s more to her than them goodies. Those are just to reward the good, the bad and the ugly~ Hehe.

– Manami

First of all, is Manami’s name Makkito? Have we been calling her the wrong thing or is “Makkito” her Wildstar name? I’m so confused right now. I love this pic by 2ll2l though. I think Manami’s armor is super cool. I don’t play MMO’s so Wildstar isn’t on my radar at all, but if I could play it with a character like this I’d be down to give it a shot.

Oh and btw, I didn’t link the pic above to the FurAffinity post because a lot of you complain that you can’t see the pic when I do that- you need to have a FurAffinity login. So instead the pic above just links to the HD version, but I hope all of you check out 2ll2l’s portfolio on FA. There’s some great pieces in there.

Art by 2ll2l ~ FurAffinity
Manami belongs to Manami ~ Hentai Foundry

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