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Wreck-it Rose by Donouaih

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I never saw “Wreck-It Ralph” in theaters. I did catch a few trailers and the only part that really caught my eye was Sergeant Calhoun.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for badass chicks in tight, form-fitting armor! And it turns out that under that armor she was hiding a cock and ballsack that would make a horse blush! Look at the size of that monster!

With a hard-on that big, she’s gonna need a lot of bitches to get her rocks off. To that end Calhoun’s been crossing different videogames for some tight, warm hole for her cock to make a home in and it looks like her first target was poor Rosalina here!

Check the geyser of cum pouring out of Rosalina’s stretched out asshole! Calhoun was seriously backed up, but even after unloading a few gallons of cum she’s still horny enough for another round. Rosalina on the other hand…I think she’s going to need a breather and a 1-UP…

Big kudos to Donouaih for another glorious futanari picture! Here’s hoping more are cumming down the pipeline!

– Rexxon

Donouaih ~ Hentai Foundry 

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