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Xantria Cums Under A Waterfall by Sweet Slumber

Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

By now you all should know how much I love the hentai artist known as Sweet Slumber. I’ve featured him here and on MPL Toons multiple times now (don’t be surprised if I feature him on NSFW Gamer one of these days too). Well, expect to see a lot more of him here at Futanari Obsession because I am officially in love with his original character, Xantria.

As you can see, Xantria is a sexy alien shemale that can manipulate water. Well, maybe you can’t see it, I’m not sure. I’ll let Sweet Slumber explain it (quote pulled from Hentai Foundry):

Allow me to introduce you to my newest original character. Xantria. She is Futa Warrior of alien origin. She is a N’traen from the planet Akrin. She is a member of a tribe of N’traens who manipulate water particles. In time to cum you will more pics of her in action. However, for the time being, just enjoy the view.

– Sweet Slumber

As I said, expect to see more of Xantria in the future, including a possible team-up with the Phantom Futa! We are still in the pre-planning phase but hopefully we’ll make it happen. Until then I suggest you keep an eye on Sweet Slumber’s Hentai Foundry page for new Xantria pics.

Sweet Slumber ~ Hentai Foundry

Futanari Obsession

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

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