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You decide who The Phantom Futa fights in her first comic!

The Phantom Futa

Toi Boi

The Phantom Futa


The Phantom Futa


The Phantom Futa

San Pi

The Phantom Futa


The Phantom Futa

Tentacle Monster

So the time has finally come, a time most of you have been waiting for – The Phantom Futa is going to be featured in her first mini-comic!

Rexxon and I have been talking it over for some time now and we have narrowed down a few artists that can make this happen within a reasonable budget and time frame. We are going to write up a short story for the comic, mostly sex of course, but we need your help to decide which villain we should feature. Click on the pics above to refresh your memory then cast your vote below.

Keep in mind that you are voting on the character not the artist that drew the cover image. Also keep in mind that the comic won’t be out for a while because after we tally the votes we have to write the story then the artist has to do their thing.

Now let the voting commence!

Who do you want The Phantom Futa to fight in her first comic?

  • San Pi (31%, 1,081 Votes)
  • Libida (21%, 733 Votes)
  • Tentacle Monster (19%, 665 Votes)
  • Mindrape (12%, 430 Votes)
  • Viri1ity (11%, 399 Votes)
  • Toi Boi (6%, 227 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,535

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